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Vikram is an Indian action thriller movie from Tamil by Kamal Haasan, Vijay Sethupathi, and Fahadh Faasil. The film has written and directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj. This cinema was released on 3 June 2022. Kalidas Jayaram, Narain, and Chemban Vinod Jose play supporting roles while Suriya makes a cameo appearance in this picture. The plot of Vikram continues from the film Kaithi (2019) by Karthi.

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Following the occasions in the wake of busting the unlawful transfer of Adaikalam and Anbo by Inspector Vijey,  Aamor, the top of a dark operations group, is brought by Police Chief Jose to carry equity to a gathering of veiled vigilantes, who have killed Stephen Raj (following his capture and resulting discharge), ACP Prabhanjan and his embraced father, Karnan. Aamor drives the examination by diving into Karnan's life, whose murder appears to be awkward, as Karnan was an everyday person and the other two were higher authorities in the Narcotics division. He finds out about Karnan's past as a lush, drug fiend, and womanizer, however, is extremely near his taken-on newborn child grandson. While examining, Aamor finds out about the missing compartments required by Shandnam, who is important to an enormous family and runs a criminal organization named Vetti Vagaiyara. Shandnam maintains that the medications should be conveyed to his inhumane dealer supervisor named Rolex, whose character is obscure to anybody. Assuming the medications are conveyed, Rolex will assist Shandnam with framing his own administration.

In the meantime, Veerapandian, who is a gangster of Vetti Vagaiyara, doles out a gathering with different criminals at a gambling club theater, where he uncovers that he, alongside another gangster named Rudra Pratap, know the area of the medication holders as they need to carry the compartments to Rolex, bypassing Shandnam simultaneously. In any case, the covered men show up and kill Veerapandian. In the wake of discovering that Veerapandian is the objective of the covered men from a chip of Karnan's, found in a house of ill-repute he regularly visited, Aamor pursues them and effectively catches one of them, uncovered to be Vijey. Aamor investigates Vijey, where Vijey lets them know that the organization of his relatives subsequent to busting the medication transfer. Understanding that Rudra Pratap is likewise the objective of the individuals, Aamor, alongside his group, barges into Rudra Pratap's girl's wedding function, where Rudra Pratap has additionally welcomed Shandnam, for insurance, dreading for his life and family.

The covered men, alongside their chief, show up at Rudra Pratap's little girl's wedding, where the pioneer powers Rudra Pratap by holding his girl at knifepoint, hauls Rudra Pratap and escapes from the wedding. He passes on a portion of his individuals to manage Shandnam, however, Shandnam whips every one of them. Aamor pursues the veiled men, where he defies the pioneer, who settles on a video decision to Shandnam and uncovers himself as Karnan, who is really alive and faked his demise. Karnan kills Rudra Pratap and escapes from the police. Aamor discovers that Karnan is really Arun Kumar Veekraam also known as Veekraam, who was the previous commandant of the dark operations crew, Pilot Black. Veekraam, alongside his group of eleven individuals, was disbanded after a bungled mission in 1991 and pronounced as fear mongers. In this way, they were pursued down and just Veekraam and three different individuals from the group figured out how to remain alive. Aamor gets together with Jose and guilefully figures out that Jose, himself, is Shandnam's mole in the division.

It is uncovered that Shandnam was the person who killed Prabhanjan, alongside Jose's assistance, as he found out about Shandnam's inclusion with Jose. Jose, with the assistance of Veerapandian and Rudra Pratap, concealed the homicide, by making it seem as though it was committed by fear mongers. Aamor coordinates a bomb impact at Shandnam's home, which obliterates his medication lab in the storm cellar, cabin, and partner Elango. Be that as it may, Shandnam (who was educated by Jose) getaway, alongside his entire family. Jose uncovers Veekraam's and Aamor's personalities to Shandnam. Afterward, Veekraam shows up at the jail and liberates Vijey and his group. Shandnam mercilessly kills Aamor's significant other, Gayathri, and sends his men to assault and kill Veekraam's little girl in-regulation and grandson at Prabhanjan's home, yet Veekraam shows up and saves them. In any case, a colleague of Veekraam's Pilot Black crew and partner, Agent Tina, who was covert as the homegrown assistant of the house Valliammal, is killed while aiding Veekraam. Upset at Gayathri's demise, Aamor joins Veekraam's pack to bring down Shandnam and his organization. He goes out and kills him subsequent to finding out about his association with Gayathri's homicide.

It is uncovered that the justification for Veekraam's activities isn't vengeance, however, an individual mission to bust the medication organization in the city, is shown, in him, through Prabhanjan's demise. He additionally concedes that Prabhanjan was his own organic child. A while later, Veekraam alongside his grandson, arrives at the Chennai port, where the holders are covered up. Be that as it may, Shandnam finds out about the area of the compartments and assaults Veekraam. Veekraam cuts down Shandnam's men with a Cannon and DShK and kills Shandnam, with the assistance of his group. Nonetheless, the leftover individuals from his Pilot Black crew, Agents Uppiliappan, and Lawrence, are killed in the activity while attempting to safeguard Veekraam's grandson. Aamor grieves Gayathri's demise and with the organization annihilated, he wears the oil paint to proceed with Veekraam's main goal, by joining his group, alongside Vijey.

In the mid-credits scene, in Sassoon Docks, Mumbai, Anbo, and Adaikalam, alongside the hoodlums subsidiary with Shandnam, hold a gathering with their chief, Rolex. Adaikalam and Anbo uncover Deellie's contribution to the medication trap, and Shandnam's men uncover Veekraam and Aamor's association in annihilating their medication organization. Rolex declares an immense total as a prize for the execution of Aamor, Deellie, and Veekraam's group. They likewise uncover the ongoing area of Deellie, in Uttar Pradesh, and Veekraam's family in San Francisco. Notwithstanding, obscure to Rolex and every other person at the gathering, Veekraam is stowing away among the criminals and finds out about the abundance put in his group and Deellie.

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