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Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 (in English Labyrinth) is an Indian horror-comedy movie by Kartik Aaryan. Released on 20 May 2022. This film has directed by Anees Bazmee and written by Aakash Kaushik and produced by Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar. It's a standalone sequel to Bhool Bhulaiyaa's, released in 2007. Tabu, Kiara Advani, and Rajpal Yadav have played supporting roles in this picture.

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Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 movie

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2

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Movie story

A group of people locks a spirit inside a room securing it with holy vestments. Eighteen times latterly, Rohaan Randhawa meets Rit Rathore on a trip to Chandigarh and convinces her to miss their machine to attend a music jubilee. The brace latterly finds out that the machine they were supposed to take had an accident and Rit's family thinks she's dead. 

Rit finds out that her kinsman was in love with her fiancé, and in order to get them married she convinces Rohaan to stay in her ancestral home, where the spirit of Manjelika is trapped, with her so her family thinks she's dead. When Rit's family finds Rohaan there they defy him and Rohaan pretends to be a spirit foreseer, and through a bunch of happy accidents manages to move the townies. Rohaan tells the family that Rit's final wishes were to stay in the ancestral home with her family and to see her kinsman married. 

Meanwhile, three preachers whose business is affected because of Rohaan try to move the townies that he's a fraud, causing Rit to hide in Manjelika's room, which also releases her spirit, which causes annihilation. Still, the family thinks Rit's spirit is doing so. Manjelika's backstory is revealed. Manjelika and Anjelika, Rit's family-in-law, were identical halves but Manjelika was jealous of Anjelika because she was their father's favouRite, so she started exercising dark magic. 

When a boy she liked chooses Anjelika over her, she decides to kill her, killing their father. But Anjelika ends up pecking Manjelika in defense and Manjelika's spirit pushes her hubby from the deck, paralyzing him. They call a clerk to lock Manjelika's spirit in a room and leave the house planning to noway return. In the present day, Manjelika's spirit keeps causing disruption but Rohaan, Rit, and Anjelika, who plant out everything, are hysterical to tell stewing that Rit's secret will be out.
Manjelika's spireet enters. Rohaan gets held by Manjelika's spirit and threatens Anjelika in front of the family. Rit is revealed to be alive. Anjelika holds a cutter to Rit's throat and it's revealed that she was Manjelika each on. Manjelika had switched bodies with Anjelika and had killed Anjelika that night and pushed Anjelika's hubby off the deck when he plant out the veRity. Anjelika's spirit was locked in a room eighteen times while Manjelika pretended to be her. Rohaan reveals that he knew the veRity and had acted to be held so the variety was unveiled. 

Anjelika's spirit appears and Manjelika admits to everything. Anjelika's spirit also drags and traps Manjelika in the same room where she was locked and addresses her family. She asks them to forgive Rit because her innocence was proven to her. She thanks Rohaan and Manjelika are heard screaming to be let out. Anjelika asks the family to leave because she has untreated business with her family and proceeds to enter the locked room after which screaming is heard.

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Till 20 May 2022, by 6425 votes IMDb Rating was 7.9/10. Check update

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