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Halo The Series is an American military science fiction television series developed by Kyle Killen and Steven Kane. Pablo Schreiber and Jen Taylor star as Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 and Cortana, with the latter reprising her role from the series, and are joined by Shabana Azmi, Natasha Culzac, Olive Gray, Yerin Ha, Bentley Kalu, Kate Kennedy, Charlie Murphy, Danny Sapani, and Bokeem Woodbine. There are 9 episodes in season 1. First episode released on March 24, 2022. You will get 1 to 5 episodes here.

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Story of all episodes

Episode 1 Contact

In 2552, the Covenant assaulted an Insurrectionist station in the world Madrigal, slaughtering everybody with the exception of teen Kwan Ha before the Spartan unit Silver Team mediates. Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 finds and recovers a Forerunner cornerstone that responds to his touch, showing baffling images and opening a portion of his fixed lifelong recollections in a close-by cave framework. An enduring Covenant Elite observers and reports this to the Prophet of Mercy at the Covenant capital, High Charity. On Reach, Dr. Catherine Halsey conflicts with Admiral Parangosky over their techniques and Halsey's work on another kind of AI in view of her own mind designs. After Kwan won't help out the UNSC, the Master Chief is requested to execute her. He resists the request and radicals, acquiring Kwan's trust by removing his defensively covered cap when she compromises him with his rifle. UNSC Captain Jacob Keyes orders the Master Chief to be arrested; the Master Chief contacts the cornerstone once more, which handicaps power in the base while reestablishing the capacity of his boat, permitting him and Kwan to get away. All the while, the Master Chief finds that he had drawn the cornerstone as a kid, recommending that he has a previous association with it. 

Episode 2 Unbound

In a flashback, a youthful John gets Soren, an individual Spartan, to escape and permits him to get away. On the run from the UNSC, John takes Kwan and the cornerstone to Rubble, a mysterious Insurrectionist base cut out of a progression of broken space rocks. There they rejoin with Soren who is currently an Insurrectionist chief. On Reach, Halsey faces escalated examination over John's activities yet guarantees an answer for his and any future issues of this nature. Commander Keyes dispatches Silver Team to track down John and carry him back alongside the cornerstone and Kwan. On High Charity, the enduring Elite from Madrigal uncovers to the Prophets and their ward Makee that John actuated the artifact; in spite of reluctance from the Prophet of Mercy, Makee demands that she can recuperate the cornerstone herself. Back on the Rubble, Soren acquaints John with Reth, a disturbed recluse who was once held hostage by the Covenant. Reth powers John to uncover his capacity to enact the cornerstone and clues that it prompts an outsider superweapon of unmatched damaging power. Shaken by the experience, John passes on Kwan with Soren and gives up to Silver Team. He is comforted by Halsey, who guarantees a fresh start for himself and stirs a blaze clone of herself to make Cortana.

Episode 3 Emergence

In a flashback, a youthful Makee is found and coincidentally saved from torment by Covenant Elites who track down her responding to a Forerunner gadget. In the present, Makee drives a Lekgolo settlement on a strike of a UNSC corvette trying to track down the area of the Madrigal cornerstone, however after the UNSC prudently wipes the boat's all's information, Makee decides to head out to Madrigal where the cornerstone was initially found; she abandons transmissions of her orders. On the Rubble, Kwan persuades Soren to return her to Madrigal for her to rejoin with Insurrectionists faithful to her departed dad in return for an installment of deuterium. Parangosky orders Miranda Keyes to concentrate on the cornerstone of Reach despite Halsey's good faith. Halsey finishes the system of making Cortana (and dispensing with her blaze clone simultaneously), prior to placing her in John's mind through a brain embed. Cortana, adhering to Halsey's guidelines, assists John with eliminating a profound silencer pellet in his lower spine. After John investigates a portion of the cityscape on Reach, he gets back to base and contacts the cornerstone once more, where he has recollections of his folks, his home planet of Eridanus II, and of him drawing the Madrigal cornerstone and a second bigger, reciprocal cornerstone. John persuaded that the subsequent cornerstone is situated on Eridanus II, persuades Halsey to allow him to make a trip to Eridanus II to research, in spite of the fact that Halsey demands she goes with him.

Episode 4 Homecoming

On Reach, Kai-125 eliminates her profound silencer pellet and afterward assists Miranda with investigating the Madrigal cornerstone; in the wake of assisting with deciphering a portion of the Sangheili language from both films of their main goal on Madrigal and transmissions from the lost UNSC corvette, Kai and Keyes find that the cornerstone is connected with a "Hallowed Ring" that the Covenant call "Corona". On Madrigal, Soren and Kwan track down her dad's previous partners, yet because of dread of both the Covenant and responses from the new UNSC-upheld lead representative Vinsher Grath, they will not help her. Soren's boat is thusly found and seized; Kwan goes to her auntie for help and learns of a magical clan that might have dealt with any consequences regarding her, however, a specialist of Grath's system eliminates her auntie before Soren takes them out; Soren and Kwan scarcely get away from Grath's soldiers and set out toward the spaceport to leave the planet. On Eridanus II, John, Halsey, and Cortana analyze John's old home and find he had covered various drawings of the Forerunner cornerstones. In the wake of utilizing Cortana to assist with reproducing his home, John has clear recollections of the area of the subsequent cornerstone, yet in addition to his life as a youngster and a visit from Halsey playing a game with him. John in this manner takes Halsey to the area of the Eridanus II Forerunner cornerstone in a sinkhole.

Episode 5 Reckoning

On Madrigal, Soren limits Kwan while he attempts to track down a way off the planet, however, Kwan liberates herself, surprises and wrecks Soren oblivious in the wake of following him, and takes his gun and vehicle. On Eridanus II, the UNSC is planning to get the Eridanus II cornerstone and return it to Reach. As the UNSC is trying the cornerstone, it delivers a sonic blast that cautions Makee and the Covenant, who had been looking for it on Madrigal, to its actual area. As John keeps on scrutinizing his past, he contacts the cornerstone and has clear recollections of Halsey and ONI troops capturing him as a youngster and supplanting him with a glimmer clone of himself; in a fury, he endeavors to kill Halsey before Cortana debilitates him utilizing their psychological connection. As John stirs and considers his freshly discovered information, a Covenant corvette shows up and dispatches an unexpected assault on the UNSC mission, utilizing a mix of ground powers and ethereal help. Regardless of the endeavors of the UNSC and Silver Team, the UNSC experience weighty losses, Kai is seriously injured, and the Covenant effectively recovers the Eridanus II cornerstone and pulls out. As the Covenant corvette gets away from the planet, a solitary drop unit drops down from the corvette, which John examines; as he moves toward the case, John tracks down Maker.

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