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K.G.F: Chapter 2 is a south Indian period action movie by rocking star Yash. Released on 14 April 2022. This film was written and directed by Prashanth Neel, and produced by Vijay Kiragandur under the banner of Hombale Films. It is the next part of K.G.F: Chapter 1. Sanjay Dutt, Srinidhi Shetty, Raveena Tandon, and Prakash Raj played supporting roles in this movie.

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Movie story

Anand Ingalagi, the author of the book El Dorado, suffers a stroke the night after detailing the events in Chapter 1. His son Vijayendra Ingalagi takes over for him with Chapter 2 in Ananda's private library which contains an exploration of KGF. 



After killing Garuda, Rocky takes charge as the headman of the Kolar Gold Fields (KGF), important to the chagrin of Guru Pandian, Andrews, and his assistant Daya, Rajendra Desai, and Kamal, who had anticipated ruling over KGF together. Rocky kills Virat, Garuda's youngish family and inheritor apparent to the KGF syndicate. Rocky also kills Kamal and takes Reena to KGF. Still, he spares Vanaram, Garuda's trusted assistant and the head of security at KGF owing to his eventuality in training new rookies for the security. An originally resentful Vanaram soon begins working for Rocky. 


Rocky discovers that there are several unexcavated mines in the fields and issues orders to booby-trap them. CBI officer Kanneganti Raghavan and his platoon are shocked by the fact that a person with no political or business connections has taken over KGF. Some central cathedrals have had enough with the KGF conglomerate and want Ramika Sen to be in power and plan to bounce in favor of a no-confidence stir against the DYSS party government. Meanwhile, Adheera, Suryavardhan's family & Garuda and Virat's uncle, who was presumed dead, resurfaces and stakes his claim to the power of KGF. Adheera kills all guards at Outpost 1 of KGF and leaves his celebrated brand behind to strike fear in the hearts of the KGF residents. Andrews kills Rajendra Desai to concentrate on his plan to get relieved of Rocky ever. In a ruse to bring Rocky outside KGF, John captures Reena as she tries to run down from KGF but Rocky saves her. Adheera shoots Rocky but spares his life to shoot a communication to all the residents of KGF. Rocky recuperates but realizes that no bone is suitable to move out of KGF as Adheera’s men have girdled the mines. 

meanwhile, Shetty, Rocky’sex-boss in Bombay, ties up with the other inferiors of Andrews across the Western Coast against Rocky. They also join forces with Inayat Khalil, the dreaded gold Napoleon of Dubai. The no-confidence stir is passed and the government is on the verge of losing its actuality. An injured Rocky visits Dubai to fix a gold distribution deal with Khalil but the ultimate declines, revealing that he has formerly struck the deal with Shetty. In response, Rocky and his gang kill all associates of Shetty dealing with Khalil and regain the Western Coast, forcing Khalil to deal directly with Rocky; he purchases machine ordnance and other security from him. While Rocky's exchanges are moving to the Varca gold refinery, Adheera's henchmen ambush them. Rocky and his gang kill Adheera's henchmen with their recently acquired munitions. Adheera is shot but Rocky spares his life and warns him to stay out of KGF. The no-confidence stir against Guru Pandian fails as Rocky's henchmen hold numerous ministers at gunpoint and hang them against doing so. The DYSS- the supported government is out of peril. Rocky resumes his conditioning by going to Bombay and killing Shetty, gaining control over both Bombay and KGF. Still, Rocky ignores the warning given by Pandian about RamikaSen. 



Ramika Sen wins the Indian general choices and becomes the PM. After Raghavan missions her about the situation in KGF, she orders all state borders to be closed and authorizes colorful CBI officers to conduct raids at Rocky's storage each over India, an operation headed by Raghavan. A youthful Anand Ingalagi is caught by Rocky's henchmen in the storehouse as they are clearing it, but Rocky spares him and asks him to write down everything he substantiations. At one of the storages, Rocky's men leave behind a 400-gram-gold biscuit and the CBI seizes it and takes it to a police station. Rocky brings down the whole police station using a Soviet machine gun just to take back the gold biscuit and shoot a communication to the ruling division. Sen also cancels the Burma delegation and gives a free hand to the Indian service to kill all the Burma- grounded revolutionists, laterally advising Rocky 


Soon, Rocky stops all gold exports from KGF and starts hoarding it. As pressures rise, Andrews requests Adheera to finish Rocky and gain control over KGF. Rocky asks the workers to not stop booby-trapping but when he's questioned by his trusted assistant Khasim he reveals a pledge given by him to his dying mama to get her all the gold in the world, a commodity he could not fulfill due to her early death. Rocky and his platoon pull out his mama's grave and dislocate it. Rocky's platoon also finds his natural father, who's a tippler who didn't watch for his mama and left her. Rocky makes his ignorant father a caretaker of his mama's grave. Rocky and Reena get wedded. He goes to the PMO and hands Ramika Sen a train exposing his illegal finances used for plutocrat laundering. Sen's party members ask her not to take that train as nearly all her party members were complicit in the corruption. Sen warns Rocky that she'd catch down the KGF conglomerate from him, and realizes that to do so she'll have to twist the rules. 

Adheera obtains information about a secret passage to KGF in Mine# 3 and informs Andrews of the same. Inayat Khalil also sends his line to help Adheera take his vengeance. Adheera and his platoon ( including Andrews, Daya, and John) use the secret passage to reach KGF and attack Rocky's army. Just as Reena announces her gestation to Rocky, she's blasted to death by Adheera. A war ensues between Rocky's army and Adheera's henchmen. Rocky is poorly injured by Adheera but soon overpowers him. Rocky's army corners Andrews and Daya and kills them. Rocky kills John and chokes Adheera to death. While Ramika Sen is giving her speech at the Parliament, Rocky and his henchmen arrive at the congress to kill someone, presumably Sen herself. But in a twist it's revealed that Rocky actually came to kill Guru Pandian who's the main architect behind the attacks and shoots him to death in front of Sen and the other MPs. It's also revealed that Pandian was the bone who offered the fake attack on Garuda and framed Adheera for it, also offered another attack on Adheera but pre-informed him about it, therefore saving his life. By creating distrust between Garuda and Adheera, he was suitable to get Andrews to find a homicide to silence Garuda formerly and for all. When Rocky took total control of KGF, Pandian was the bone who called Adheera and showed him the secret passage of Mine# 3. It's also revealed that he'd offered the entire no-confidence stir drama in Delhi and goaded Shetty to join forces with Khalil just to gain Rocky's trust. 


Meanwhile, Ramika Sen issues a death leave against Rocky for having committed heinous crimes. Rocky evacuates KGF of all its residers and leaves on a boat with his cache of gold. The IAF gives chase and Rocky is ordered to stop his boat but he refuses to surrender. Soon Sen orders to bomb KGF and Rocky's boat. Rocky gets killed and drowns in the ocean along with all the gold, where his pledge to his mama gets fulfilled to die as the richest man with all the gold in the world. The Navy till the present- the day was unfit to detect the gold despite multiple attempts. Before escaping, Rocky had formed a colony-KGF Colony for all his trusted workers to live in. A youthful Anand Ingalagi decides to write a book about Rocky and how he lived by describing him as a MONSTER, who lived for a mama's pledge. 

In the mid-credits scene, it's shown that 3 months post-Rocky's death, John Booker, a CIA functionary handed over a train listing all the crimes done by Rocky in the USA and 16 other nations between 1978-1981 to RamikaSen. It's revealed that Rocky was ingrained a transnational fugitive for these crimes and that he was trying to escape with his boat not only from the IAF but also from the USAF and the TNI. In the present day, the drudge of24/7 News Channel while clearing down the old papers finds a final draft ofK.G.F Chapter 3 written by Anand Ingalagi. 

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Till 21 May 2022, by 74722 votes IMDb Rating was 8.2/10. Check update

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