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Turning Red is an American coming-of-age fantasy-comedy animation movie, released in March 2022. It's produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. This film was directed by Mr. Domee Shi, in her feature directorial debut, and the story was written by Shi and Julia Cho. The stars who work in this cartoon film are Rosalie Chiang, Sandra Oh, Ava Morse, Hyein Park, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Orion Lee, Wai Ching Ho, Tristan Allerick Chen, and James Hong.

Story of  this animated movie 

In 2002, Meilin "Mei" Lee is a 13-years-old Chinese-Canadian cute girl residing in Toronto, Canada. She helps take conscientiousness of the Lee tribe's tabernacle to their ancestor, Sun Yee and works to frame her accurate, protective mama, Ming Lee, disdainful. She tries to hide her particular interests from Ming, similar to her crushes on youths and the actuality that she and her stylish musketeers Miriam, Priya, and Abby are suckers of the youth band 4 * City. 

Ming inadvertently embarrasses Mei in front of several scholars involving Tyler, an academy bully, guiding Her to enjoy agonies. She wakes up to catch on that she has converted into a grand red panda. After hiding from her parents, She discovers that she alone transforms when she's in a country of high sentiment; her parents trust her torture is caused by her earliest period. Latterly, Ming finds out the verity when she anew embarrasses Herself at the academy, causing her to transfigure again. 

Ming and Jin, Mei's daddy, explain that Sun Yee was admitted the capability to transfigure into a red panda in order to cover her daughters, and every womanish people of the house since has inherited the capability when they near age. This has come awkward and dangerous, so the red panda soul must be shrimped in an amulet by a second nature on the nighttime of the Red Moon, in a month's occasion. She's musketeers inadvertently catch on her metamorphosis but grip a relish to it, and She finds that concentrating on them and respiring deeply prevents her from transubstantiation. She convinces her parents to let her run on her usual life, though Ming keeps an eye on Her. 

4-star City announces a display in Toronto as part of their musicale stint, but Ming refuses to let Mei accompany it. Utilizing her red panda form, She and her musketeers begin to heighten plutocrat for the coupons intimately. Tyler asks She to amuse at his birthday for plutocrat. At the event, She discovers that the musicale will be in her ritual darkness. She gets angry and strikes Tyler when he insults her about her house, spooking all the different kiddies. Ming discovers She recent conditioning and chastises her musketeers for punitively breaking down and taking a bulge of her. She fails to come to her musketeers' protection because she's shamed and hysterical to stand up to her mama. 

Mei's grandmother, Wu, and her aunts night to help in her custom, important to Ming's dismay. As She prepares herself, Jin finds She held off her as the panda with her musketeers and tells her this was the fluky he has looked at her. During the custom, exactly as the red panda form is about to be shrimped, She decides to observe her powers. She abandons the custom to accompany the musicale at the Skydove with her musketeers, who forgave She for her conduct at the event and catch on Tyler is similarly a 4-star Townie like the misses and Mei. Still, during her escape from the tabernacle, She inadvertently broke her mama's amulet; an enraged Ming transforms into a gigantic red panda and disrupts the musicale, intending to take back She bought the pool. While the followership hides, She and Ming contend about Mei's self-dependence, and She accidentally knocks her mama out. 

The rest of the Lee family come to help. All the women disintegrate their amulets to utilize their red panda forms to help gain Ming into a new custom circle. Mei's musketeers and 4-star City enter in singing to complete the custom, transferring She, Ming, and the different women to the astral airplane. She reconciles with Ming and helps her mend her power with Wu, whom Ming had scarred during her earliest metamorphosis and drove Ming's perfectionism. The other Lee women conceal their red pandas in new amulets, but She decides to keep hers, as she's eventually resolving out who she wants to be. 

Eventually, Ming and her family help uplift plutocrats to recreate the Skydove. Mei and Ming's connection has bettered, and She balances her tabernacle duties with spending moments with musketeers, now taking in Tyler. 

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