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The Kashmir Files is an Indian Hindi-language drama movie written and directed by Vivek Agnihotri. Produced by Zee Studios, the cinema is dependes on the exodus of Kashmiri Hindus during the Kashmir Insurgency.

Story of this movie

In Kashmir of 1990, zealots begin to run out Kashmiri Pandits from the vale utilizing the watchword"raliv, galiv ya chaliv"which means" convert, abandon or Pass away"in the Kashmiri tongue. They reach Pushkar Nath's house and photo his son who's hiding in a rice vessel. Pushkar and his son-in- law Sharda supplicate for mercifulness. in-your-face captain Farooq Malik Bitta, a other pupil of Pushkar, labor forces Sharda to Take the blood soaked rice in back-and-forth for their lives. A many times latterly, Sharda and her Male child, Shiva, are also Give pass away. 

Sharda's youngish son Krishna is brought around up by Pushkar. He believes that his parents retained failed in an mishap. A pupil at ANU, Krishna is under the influence of professor Radhika Menon who believes in the"Kashmir reason". Pushkar has four musketeers — national menial Brahma Dutt, croaker Mahesh Kumar, police officer Hari Narain and intelligencer Vishnu Ram. All four of them served in Kashmir when Pushkar's son was killed. They flash back the happenings of Kashmir from their remembrance which Brahma calls a"genocide."

Pushkar calls Brahma Dutt for his son's safeguard, ( explanation demanded) who was indicted of existing an Indian asset. Brahma travels with him to Kashmir, and sees the plight of Kashmiri Pandits. He takes up the issue with J&K's main minister who suspends Brahma. When his son is shot, Pushkar calls Mahesh to redeem his son's bio but his sanitarium is taken over by zealots who prohibit the sanitarium manpower from servingnon-Muslims. Vishnu takes Pushkar and his whole family to Kaul, a Hindu minstrel who maintains a warmhearted affinity with Muslims. Kaul takes by numerous Pandits into his territory but a assemblage of zealots get through to gather up him (who?) and his male child in the guise of giving protection. The rest of them (who?) abandon the location but are awestruck to see their (whose?) gone bodies suspended on trees. The deportees ( explanation demanded) settle in Jammu, dwelling on stingy portion and dangerous provisions. Brahma is fixed as an counsel to the brand new Governor of J&K. On his query, the Home Minister visits the Jammu campgrounds where Pushkar demands the junking of Composition 370 and there-settlement of Kashmiri Pandits. Brahma manages to pick up Sharda a public authority post in Nandimarg in Kashmir, and the tribe moves there. 

Ago in the current, Krishna is querying in ANU's pupil choosing. Following the guidance of professor Radhika Menon, he targets ( explanation demanded) the administration of India on the sequel of Kashmir, important to the wrathfulness of Pushkar. Pushkar dies, and Krishna travels to the ancestral home in Kashmir to scatter the ashes per Pushkar's last want. Menon asks Krishna to shoot some footage in Kashmir in order to expose the government. With the help of a contact of Menon's, Krishna meets Farooq. ( explanation demanded) He accuses Farooq of being accountable for the status of Pandits but Farooq declares himself to exist a new- age Gandhi who's guiding anon-violent popular stirring. Farooq claims that the Indian Army deactivated Krishna's mama and family. When Krishna interrogatives Brahma Dutt about the claim, Brahma hands him a assemblage of review slices formed by Pushkar which say that zealots masked as Indian Army dogfaces shut off them. 

Some moment after Pushkar's family sedimented in Nadimarg, ( explanation demanded) a assemblage of zealots headed by Farooq gown up as Indian Army and over up the staying Pandits there. Sharda resists when they get hold of Shiva. Angry Farooq strips her and sayings her body in half. He ranges up the hanging around and shoots them into a mass grave. Pushkar is skimped to broadcast the term of what happed. 

Krishna returns to Delhi and gives a lengthy speech about the history of Kashmir, giving his outlook ( explanation demanded) on the scene of Kashmiri Pandits. His word is met with both resistance and support.

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