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Salute is a south Indian mystery thriller movie by Dulquer Salmaan, directed by Rosshan Andrrews and written by Bobby Sanjay. This movie was Produced by Dulquer Salmaan under his banner Wayfarer Films production company.
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The movie was listed for a theatrical release on the occasion of Pongal in January 2022 but was indefinitely held up latterly due to the rise of Omicron cases in India. Latterly, It was blazoned that the movie would be skipping the theatrical release and decided for a direct-to-streaming release on SonyLIV. It was set to have the world premiere on 18 March 2022, but premiered a day beforehand, on 17 March 2022. 

Story of this movie

S.I Aravind Karunakaran, a police officer on voluntary leave, is visited by an old case he delved. How far will he go to unravel the riddle and bring the verity to light?

Aravind Karunakaran is the youngish family of Ajith Karunakaran (Manoj K Jayan), DySP. Aravind, a joe interested in law becomes police inspired by his family. Still, the effects aren't as honest as Aravind has imagined. The false recrimination of an innocent joe under police pressure produces Aravind to go against his family. He quits the duty and promises to catch the original killer. Did he nab the killer? What are the obstacles he faces is the movie’s core story. 


Loose police officers and how they lessen the process of law for their political masters has been fodder that fed cinema for a long time. So much so, it has come to a commodity of a commonplace. Many pictures, still, stand out as they called out the men in khaki who used their power for all the wrong reasons. Visaranai, directed by Vetrimaran, and Anand Mahadevan’s Mai Ghat, which was grounded on the custodial death of Udayakumar in 2005, are two similar exemplifications. Salutation, written by Bobby Sanjay and directed by Rosshan Andrrews with Dulquer Salmaan in the lead, again puts bobbies under the scanner. 

The movie doesn’t desolate time in introducing its idol. The first scene shows Dulquer Salmaan’s character walking into a police station and asking about the details of a murder case that happed three times back. Dulquer plays Aravind Karunakaran, a police officer who's on a long leave; he has returned to disinter the layers girding a murder case. The movie doesn’t follow a direct narrative and we're befuddled by bobbies planting substantiation in nature. As the movie progresses, we realize an investigative platoon led by DySP Ajith Karunakaran, who's also the elder family of Aravind is handling a murder case and is under severe pressure from the ruling party to break the case within a short deadline. The pictures show how the investigative platoon frames an innocent man named Murali. Indeed though Aravind defies his elder family to side with the verity, he's insulated by the department. Unfit to handle the unethical system, Aravind takes a long leave and distances himself from his family and family. The movie also returns to the present when Aravind, who's still unsettled by the guilt of transferring an innocent man to jail, tries to renew the old case. The movie also follows Aravind’s lone trouble to find the real malefactor. 
The movie is recited in a realistic style without dramatizing the events and stays concentrated on the core subject of the movie. The movie has no dramatic twists and neither does it diverge into unwanted emotional scenes. Rather Salutation stays concentrated on the guilt-ridden Aravind who's determined to produce sure the innocent Murali gets his freedom. Salutation also shows the professional pressure faced by police officers who have to diverge from ethical means of disquisition in order to guard their jobs. Salutation is a class piecemeal from the kind of investigative suspensers we've seen in Malayalam cinema so far. The climax sequences where Aravind comes near to landing the real killer are stand-out. 

Dulquer Salmaan delivers a satisfying performance as a man who can not handle the falsehoods around him. He maintains a sense of calm indeed when he's helpless in front of the hierarchical structure of the police force. Mano J Jayan also does justice to his character. Bollywood actor Diana Penty doesn’t have important to do in the movie.

Product story of this film


In May 2020, during the seven-time anniversary of the movie Mumbai Police, director Rosshan Andrrews blazoned that he'd be teaming up with Dulquer Salmaan for his coming movie which is a suspenser. The movie's story and the script are written by his regular collaborators Bobby & Sanjay marking their sixth movie together. 

The top photography began on 3 February 2021, in Kollam, Kerala, India. Diana Penty joined the sets on 9 February 2021 marking her debut in the Malayalam movie. Manoj K Jayan joined the firing on 12 February 2021. The major locales are Trivandrum, Kollam, Kasargode, and New Delhi. 


Salutation released on SonyLiv on 17 March 2022 as a Direct-to-OTT release. The movie was first planned to release in April 2021 but was held up multiple times due to swells of the COVID-19 epidemic in India. The premiere was tallied multiples times, including for October 2021, December 2021, and January 2022. 
On 3rd March 2022, it was blazoned that the movie would be skipping the theatrical release in favor of a direct OTT release on Sony Liv. On 6th March, It was officially blazoned by Sony Liv that it'll have a direct-to-OTT release on 18 March 2022. The directors released the movie a day beforehand on 17 March 2022 in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Kannada languages.
On 15 March 2022, ahead of the movie's release, the FEUOK banned Dulquer Salmaan's pictures from releasing in theatres presently since the directors had violated the rules and given the movie out for a direct OTT release indeed though they had verified that it would have a theatrical release first. They also banned Wayfarer pictures systems. They said the ban would be for an indefinite period and refused to co-operate with Dulquer. 

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