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Radhe shyam movie download

Radhe Shyam is a south Indian period romantic drama movie, released in March 2022. This movie was written by Radha Krishna Kumar, he also directs this, starring superstar Prabhas and beauty queen Pooja Hegde. It is shot simultaneously in two languages in Telugu and Hindi. The cinema is produced by UV Creations and T-Series. Set in Europe in the 1970s, the film tells the story of Vikramaditya, a palmist who is conflicted between destiny and his love for Prerana.

Story of Radhe Shyam

In 1978 in Italy, Vikramaditya is a world-famed prophetess. Dubbed as the"Einstein of palmistry," he's a convert of the saint Paramahamsa. Vikramaditya, who doesn't believe in connections, incontinently falls for croaker Prerana. They meet on a train but separate later. One day, Vikramaditya reads the win of businessman Anand Rajput. As Vikramaditya doesn't prognosticate the future in his favor, Rajput's men chase him which results in his accident. He admits into Prerana's sanitarium and is treated there. After recovering, Vikramaditya proposes Prerana be in a flirtationship with him. Prerana, still, leaves the city but Vikramaditya follows her all the way. She accepts and they begin to date each other. Prerana's uncle, still, asks her not to develop any passion towards Vikramaditya. 
When Vikramaditya and Prerana are traveling on a train, a foreigner requests him to read the win of his son, an aspiring sportswoman. He predicts that she doesn't have any future in sports, and she should rather concentrate on education. Amazed by Vikramaditya's skill, everyone in the trainer ask for prognostications by showing their win but Vikramaditya hesitantly gets down on with Prerana. Still, he realizes that everyone on the train is fated to immediate death. He chases the train to stop it but in vain. Latterly that evening, the train meets an accident, leading to several casualties. Prerana, who starts to believe in palmistry, asks Vikramaditya to read her win. He predicts that she'd have a long life with a bright future but she faints incontinently with a bleeding nose. Prerana is admitted to the sanitarium where her uncle, who's also a croaker, reveals that she's suffering from an incorrigible excrescence and may die within months. Vikramaditya disagrees since he prognosticated else but is thrown out of the sanitarium. 

Prerana is now hopeful of her life. Her uncle, on the other hand, believes Vikramaditya is a fraud and only drugs can change her fate. He tests Vikramaditya with dead people's triumphs, and Vikramaditya deduces all of them rightly. Her uncle changes his mind and trusts Vikramaditya's vaticination. As anticipated, a cure for Prerana's complaint was planted. Filled with happiness, Prerana proposes Vikramaditya. Still, he rejects her byword, he can not love her as he doesn't retain a" love- line" and would be leaving the country soon. Dejected Prerana attempts to self-murder with grief but comes across Vikramaditya's journal. She learns that Vikramaditya was prepared to immolate his life to save her. Before leaving, Vikramaditya takes Prerana to a chamber cotillion as per her want and the couple spends the night privately. Prerana leaves a note in the journal that she would choose to give up her life rather when a similar situation arises. She willingly meets an auto accident and is admitted to the sanitarium. 
Vikramaditya who's in London for her mama's cotillion show reads Prerana's note in the journal. He calls the sanitarium and is shocked to know the condition of Prerana. He urges Prerana to live, promising to meet her soon. When Vikramaditya is in a dilemma about his vaticination, he comes across the girl on the train who has lost her hand in the accident. She tells Vikramaditya that since she doesn't have a win now, she can write her fortune. 

Vikramaditya who's now in hurry to meet Prerana boards on a weight boat to Italy which is captained by a person he met in the sanitarium. Still, the boat is caught by a storm in the ocean and everyone abandons the boat on the captain's orders. Vikramaditya, still, is trapped in the boat alone. Overwhelmed by the force of nature, Vikramaditya struggles for survival. He recalls his practitioner Paramahamsa's assertion that palmistry is only 99 accurate, and there are 1 of the people who script their own fortune. Determined to be alive, he uses all his strength to reach a high point and fires a flare gun. The captain returns with a lifeboat. The boat sinks but the drowned Vikramaditya manages to be round. Latterly, Vikramaditya arrives at the sanitarium andre-unites with the recovered Prerana. 

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