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Named Bheemla Nayak is a South Indian Telugu-language action drama movie by Pawan Kalyan. And Rana Daggubati, Nithya Menen, and Samyuktha Menon played the supporting role. This cinema was directed by Saagar K Chandra from a screenplay written by Trivikram Srinivas. Produced by Suryadevara Naga Vamsi of Sithara Entertainments.

Story of Bheemla Nayak 

Daniel Shekhar, an annex-Havaldar, and his motorist double-cross the country border from Telangana to Andhra Pradesh at nighttime. The police at the check post stop them for transporting liquor beyond the admissible share but a crapulous Danny, who's delirious that his lifelessness is shifted, beats them up. Bheemla Nayak, a sub-inspector, arrives and hits Danny, getting across his crime. Danny refuses by talking that his destination lived in Telangana but Nayak apprehensions him nevertheless since Danny has physically double-crossed the border. A bobby humiliates Danny by putting off his loin Dress, which beyond aggravates his wrathfulness.  

The police train an FIR but after going through his phone connections, they're stupefied to experience that Danny is the son of a weighty politician and is linked to a politically important Person. Nayak informs the equal to CI Kodanda Ram who asks him to handle Danny with regard. Nayak tries to attune with Danny but he refuses to yield. Nayak threatens him with an arm and they sit contemporaneously. Danny also pesters Nayak for a drinkable. With no attachment left, Nayak opens a bottle from the pulled-in liquor and serves, which Danny intimately flicks on his phone. The succeeding day, Danny is clasped to the palace where he's doomed to 14- day incarceration.

Danny's counsel bails out him, subject to his triweekly figure at the law quarter. In an act of vengeance, Danny releases the videotape he marked to the pantry. Nayak is gripped with an array to probe his conduct. Danny challenges Nayak in the forehead of the police station. The townies, who are loyal sympathizers of Nayak, try to assault Danny but Nayak stops them by telling them their conflict is particular. An original toddy bazaar proprietor Nagaraju, with resentment against Nayak, joins hands with Danny. An elderly politician arranges an armistice between them, where Danny would crawl transferring the substantiation to SP, and his obligatory aspect for two weeks would live waived off. 

Still, on the asseveration of his daddy Jeevan Kumar, Danny sends the substantiation whatever, and Nayak is recessed. During the postdating daytime, Nayak blows up Nagaraju's bar with snares. Danny meets Nayak en- approach in a machine. Danny tries to declare his supremacy by talking that he framed him to misplace his position. Nayak replies that indeed if the fight is mislaid, he would restore to achieve the hot war.

The police seize Danny's machinery and pick up the motorist in retribution. Meanwhile, Jeevan meets the SP and submits the substantiation that Nayak's woman Suguna has humored in smuggling by immorally purchasing timber Products from tribals which results in her pinch leave. understanding this, Nayak and Suguna, displace on with their babe to an outside place in the timber. Jeevan's old men, who trace their position and rip off Suguna's phone, hang Nayak for her memoir. frenzied Nayak attempts Jeevan's men in a public house. Danny is ignorant of his daddy's conduct and asks Nayak to cut off exceeding them. But Nayak blows up Danny's machinery and they enwrap in a conflict. The police come and quit them. Kodanda Ram tells Danny that Nayak is deified by the councils as a fellow of the vill divinity Kokkira Devara, down it's not perceptive to command a hassle with him. Danny learns that 15 times agone, Nayak turned off a ruthless contractor who feed on ethnic women in order to redeem them. 

Danny asks his daddy whether they should menace but he refuses. On Jeevan's ultimatum, the SP goes to their location and apprehensions Suguna, rankling Nayak. He goes and meets Jeevan at his territory and forces him to call Danny at gunpoint. Danny, who has Nayak's babe in guardianship, asks him to catch at Erra Thanda, a location outside the police governance of both countries for a closing dogfight. They battle intensely and exactly as Nayak is about to operate his hand vein of putting off an arm, Danny's woman arrives and pleads for forbearance. Nayak recognizes her as one of the ethnic misses he redeemed long agone and allows them to stand.

They fain pull out the cases on each disparate. Nayak, who is conveyed to Telangana, arrives at Danny's habitat. They're-introduce each different and vibrate hands.

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