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Bachchhan Paandey is an Indian action comedy movie directed by Farhad Samji and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. Stars of this movie Akshay Kumar in the main role, Kriti Sanon, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Arshad Warsi have played sub-roles.

Bachchhan Paandey Movie

Story of  Bachchhan Paandey

Vishu is a short-film maker and aspires to produce a point film. He participates in a gift hunt program and is in the semifinal band. The display's two judges contain an intellectualist movie director Mukil, who trashes Karthik's crack at moviemaking, and an earnings- acquainted patron Sundar who riles against him, and declares that Vishu made the stylish moving picture among the rivals. Though he eliminates Vishu from the warfare, Sundar offers to deliver a movie with Vishu as the director, and both the judges storm out of the display. On a coming day, Sundar is irked that Vishu took his terms seriously and approached to meet him. He's apathetic in the script that Vishu wants to retake, and rather suggests that he wants to make a gangbanger film along with the style of Nayakan, Thalapathi, The Godfather, etc. Vishu takes this indication inside and sets his mind on establishing the biography of a gangbanger and producing a picture script out of it. 

With assistance from his intelligencer uncle, Vishu finds out about" Assault" Bachchhan Paandey, a ruthless gangbanger in the megacity of Madurai, and decides that he'll produce a movie about Bachchhan Paandey's life. He travels to Madurai and enlists the help of a reticent council friend Oorani, to conduct surveillance on Bachchhan Paandey and his boys. Since Vishu and Oorani are hysterical of approaching Bachchhan Paandey directly, they compass to develop connections with two of Bachchhan Paandey's top henchmen. They also try to gain data from an old shopkeeper," Petti Kadai" Pazhani, who has been around since He was a sprat. To get near Bachchhan Paandey, Vishu also puts up an act of repaying the love of Kayalvizhi (Lakshmi Menon), whose mama (Ambika) culinarians for His. Because of their colorful attempts to seek information about Him, they arouse the dubitation of Bachchhan Paandey's right-hand man Rasu (Ramachandran Durairaj), who puts a junior Sounder (Senthil Kumaran) to watch Vishu and Oorani. Sounder becomes good musketeers with Karthik, and Vishu uses his trust to plant a wireless microphone in a music player that he lends to Sounder. In a quick turn of events, Sounder is fractured as an operative for an opposing gang and is killed. 

Bachchhan Paandey finds out the valve placed in the music player that Sounder was carrying and snappily locates Vishu and Oorani. When about to die at the hands of Bachchhan Paandey, Vishu confesses that he was observing Bachchhan Paandey so that he could make a movie about his life, along the lines of Nayakan, Thalapathi, The Godfather, etc. He is enamored by the prospect of his life being portrayed on the big screen and initiates Vishu and Oorani into his gang so that they can validate his life. He and his gang members pride themselves in their crimes and take Vishu along for their gang conditioning. Vishu gleefully documents everything and is rapturous that he has a fantastic story in hand for his debut movie. When he's ready to leave Madurai with all the information that he ever demanded, Kayal discovers that Vishu used her for information and is revengeful. He invites him for a shoot-off party. During the partying, Kayal remarks that Bachchhan Paandey should act as the main character in the gangbanger film about his life. He takes this seriously and threatens Vishu to direct the film with Bachchhan Paandey playing himself on screen. Distrait at the unforeseen turn of events, Vishu tries to flee out of Madurai but is caught by Bachchhan Paandey's gang. They also abduct the patron of Karthik's film and force them both to make the gangbanger movie. 

Vishu reluctantly agrees but soon finds that Bachchhan Paandey and his men can not act in front of a camera. He hires an acting trainer Muthu (Guru Somasundaram), who sets up a rigorous tutoring schedule for Him and his men. After a period of training, Muthu thinks that while the others are hopeless, He has at least a splinter of acting gift. The product of the movie commences, and Vishu becomes relatively frustrated with Bachchhan Paandey's acting incompetency. Still, he perseveres with the movie and has Muthu trainer Bachchhan Paandey in emotional crying scenes in between breaks. Eventually, the product is wrapped. He and his men are on pall nine and produce a great fanfare for the movie's release. The film releases, and during the first show, He gets the shock of his life. Realizing that a serious gangbanger film featuring Bachchhan Paandey would be a disaster, Vishu had surreptitiously changed the story of the film into a comedy. He edits and dubs Bachchhan Paandey's voice in such a way that the film shows Him as a joe who achieves everything in life by crying. The film's title, A. Kumar is revealed to be Azhuguni Kumar and not Assault Kumar as Bachchhan Paandey had allowed. The film receives a tremendous response from the followership, who left theaters in gashes after laughing their guts out. He is frenetic at being made a fool of the world and quests for Karthik. Still, Vishu and the rest of the crew go into caching in expectation of Bachchhan Paandey's wrath. 

While searching for Vishu and his crew, Bachchhan Paandey encounters events that make him realize that the fear that people have for him doesn't equal respect. He finds that by making people laugh inadvertently through his film, he'd earned true respect than respect by fear, similar as his mama, who noway spoke to him, ever since he came a gangbanger and eventually spoke to Bachchhan Paandey after seeing his film. In a final face-off, Bachchhan Paandey and Vishu meet each other by accident, as the ultimate is on his way to deliver the videotape recordings of the former's boastful admissions to the police. He absolutions Vishu in a dramatic way, and Vishu chooses to put Bachchhan Paandey's history behind him and let him seek a new life. They each go on to pursue careers in the movie assiduity. Vishu now has started to use Bachchhan Paandey's gang to bully people similar to Vijay Bachchhan Paandeypathi into acting for his pictures, while he started working as an actor by acting in a film made by Vetrimaaran. He also has married Sounder's woman Ganga, while Vishu married Kayalvizhi. 

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