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RRR fully Rise Roar Revolt is a south Indian epic period action drama movie by NT Rama Rao Jr. and Ram Charan, SS Rajamouli is the director of this film. He wrote the film with K V Vijayendra Prasad. RRR picture is produced by DVV Danayya of DVV Entertainments. The film stars Ajay Devgn and Alia Bhatt played an important role in this movie and Samuthirakani, Alison Doody, Ray Stevenson, Olivia Morris, Shriya Saran, and many more played supporting roles. It is a fictional story about a war between Nizam of Hyderabad and the British government.

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Person behind the movie

Directed byS. S. Rajamouli
Screenplay byS. S. Rajamouli
Story byK. V. Vijayendra Prasad
Dialogue bySai Madhav Burra
Produced byD. V. V. Danayya
StarringN. T. Rama Rao Jr.
Ram Charan
CinematographyK. K. Senthil Kumar
Edited byA. Sreekar Prasad
Music byM. M. Keeravani
Production companyDVV Entertainments
Distributed byPen Studios (North India)
Lyca Productions (Tamil Nadu)
KVN Productions (Karnataka)
Thameens Films (Kerala)
Release date25 March 2022
Running time182 minutes
LanguageTelugu and dubbed in others
Budget$72 million

Story of RRR movie

In 1920, British governor Scott and his woman Catherine visit Adilabad timber, and strongly take down Malli, a talented girl from the Gond lineage to Delhi. To deliver the girl, the lineage's protection KomaRaam Vim arrives in Delhi with his men. They capture a wild barracuda in the timbers to prop their charge. The Nizamate of Hyderabad warns Scott's office about Vim's charge. 

Alluri shita Raama Raju is a police inspector who proves his capability to serve the Conglomerate. In order to get a creation, he takes up the challenge of catching Vim whose whereabouts remain unknown. Raam comes forward attends a meeting of independence activists and proposes to croak Scott. As their pretensions feel to align, Vim's assistant, Lachhu, asks Raam to meet Vim. Still, Lachhu flees when he senses that Raam is a police inspector. Lachhu tells Vim about this who asks him to hide. 

Raam and Vim accidentally meet and team up to save a boy. Vim introduces himself as a Muslim named Akhtar while Raam hides his identity as a police inspector and soon, they bond with each other. Hardihood comes across Scott's bastard Jennifer when they're trying to sneak into the governor's palace. Raam helps Vim to get close to her. Jennifer invites Vim to a party that the brace attends. Impressed by his cotillion, Jennifer offers Vim to visit the palace where he quietly meets Malli, assuring her deliverance. Raam captures Lachhu to ask the whereabouts of their leader but in vain. Lachhu gets hold of a common krait and throws it onto Raam which bites him. Lacchu warns Raam that it can kill him within an hour withoutanti-venom, known only to the Gond people. Raam finds his way to Vim who treats him. Vim confesses to Raam by telling him about their charge. 

Hardihood and his men barge into the palace with a truck full of wild creatures. Vim unleashes them onto the palace guards. Still, Raam obstructs him as a police inspector. Vim pleads not to arrest him but Raam doesn't budge. Furious, Hardihood fights off Raam and goes on to climb the palace walls. Raam stops him while Scott holds Malli hostage at point-blank range. Vim surrenders with no option left. 

Vim is doomed to death via a public prosecution. Scott offers mercy if he kneels but Vim refuses despite heaving lashing by Raam. Vim sings a song that motivates the public to revolutionary, and he's taken away by the officers. Raam recalls that his father Venkat Raamaraju had mutinied and offered his life against the British. Venkat takes a pledge from Raam that he would deliver a armament to every person who takes part in the rebellion. 

Venkat's friend Venkateswarulu informs Raam that his pledge is going to be fulfilled since he's appointed as in charge of a payload of arms. Raam, still, puts saving Vim and the girl as his precedence. He requests Scott to execute Vim in the outskirts as a part of his plan. Still, Scott recognises the ploy and injures him. Vim frees himself and fights the guards off while Raam shoots and kills a guard over Malli's head to save her. Mistaking this as an attack, Hardihood beats up Raam and escapes with Malli. Vim and his men hide in Hathras but the British arrive there. shita recognises that they're in peril and drives down the British by lying that the place is passing a smallpox outbreak. shita reveals that she's Raam's kinsman and fiancé. She adds that Raam is doomed to death as he went against the British to save his stylish friend. Vim regrets his conduct and pledges shita to deliver Raam. 

Hardihood sneaks into the Barracks with the help of a design given by Jennifer. He frees Raam from the captivity, taking him on his shoulder as the ultimate is unfit to walk. Together, they fight the police and escape. Vim treats Raam, still, the police attack them in the forestland. Raam takes bow and arrows from a sanctum of Lord Raama and retaliates. Vim joins him with a shaft. They fight off the police and head towards the palace. They blast a motorcycle into a room full of TNT, and the structure explodes. Vim retrieves ordnance and security and delivers it to Raam. Catherine is killed in the chaos while Scott is killed by Raam and Vim. They reunite with shita, Jennifer, and others. Upon Raam's asseveration, Vim requests to return the favour by educating him. Raam returns to his vill and delivers the munitions as promised while Hardihood returns to his village, reuniting Malli with her mama.

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