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FIR is a South Indian Tamil action thriller movie by Vishnu Vishal. The movie released in February 2022. This film was written and directed by Manu Anand and produced by Shubhra and Aryan Ramesh under the banner of the film production company "VV Studioz". In this picture, Gaurav Narayanan and Prashanth Rangaswamy play supporting roles.

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Irfan Ahmed is an innocent person. He leads an ordinary life. Once a portrayed as evil incarnated by print or electric media trials. Is there a way back to a normal or peaceful life for a man accused of terrorism or is there more to Irfan than what meets the eye forms the plot?

Movie review

FIR Movie Review What is in a name? Well, a lot, if you're a Muslim, says FIR. In a throwaway scene, a police officer who has restrained a suspected terrorist receives his advanced functionary, who asks for the man's name. When he learns it's Irfan Ahmed, he retorts, "Why am I not surprised?". Just like Vishwaroopam, FIR is a suspenser set against the terrorism background that wants to show how wrong it's to condemn an entire people for the terrible acts committed by many from that same community. Its promoter Irfan Ahmed (Vishnu Vishal, who commits to the character and gives us a satisfying performance) is a chemical mastermind from IIT-Madras, who's frustrated that his religion is a concern during interviews. He seems to be leading a peaceful life with his mama (Maala Parvathy), a lower-position policewoman.

Meanwhile, the NIA gets a tip that Abu Bakkar Abdullah, the most- wanted in their list, is actually in Chennai and is planning attacks in Colombo and India. The National Security Advisor Ajay Dewan (Gautham Vasudev Menon, in a part that demands further of his screen presence and elevation) sets up a platoon to track him down. Their surveillance of a Muslim clergyperson Zazi Manzul (Amaan) brings Irfan under their radar. Circumstances force them to decide that Irfan is none other than Abu Bakkar, and they indeed take him into guardianship. With no bone ready to believe that he's innocent, can Irfan clear his name? What happens to Abu Bakkar's plot?

Effective, fast-paced suspense, FIR strikes all the right notes in its first half with director Manu Anand dashingly cutting between scenes from Irfan's life and the NIA's disquisition. We get a sprinkle of memorable supporting characters, like Prarthana (Manjima Mohan, effective), a felonious counsel, who's musketeers with Irfan, Anisha Qureshi (Raiza Wilson, emotional), a no-nonsense NIA officer, and Gunashekar (Praveen Muthurangan), a lower-ranked officer who gets a big break in the case.
The director dashingly weaves in real-life terror attacks, especially the Easter Sunday Colombo blasts, to make his tale feel veritably real. The manner in which Irfan becomes a suspect is also brought out well. We see how stereotyping plays a major part in this process. At one point, a character tells Irfan that it's because of his name that he'd gotten noticed and you realize that is true. Indeed the romantic track, between Irfan and Archana (Reba Monica John, a surprise) does not stick out, and is, in fact, endearing.

Still, the alternate half feels rushed, If the first half leaves us with a rush. The cinema, which until also sounded relatively confirmed in reality, begins to suddenly veer into an over-the-top home with scenes that make us question their plausibility. There is also a bit of mama sentiment that feels tonally out from the rest of the movie. We do get a twist that sort of explains some of Irfan's conduct, but it also gives rise to a different set of questions. As a result, the climax, with tones of The Family Man and Vishwaroopam, does not feel as nail-smelling as it should have been.

Thankfully, the rapid-fire editing (GK Prasanna) and the palpitating background score (by Ashwath) insure that the picture manages to move at a snappy pace, and manage to stop us from allowing about sense and help the movie keep us engaged. 

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