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Uncharted is an American action-adventure cinema, released in February 2022 directed by Ruben Fleischer from a screenplay by Rafe Lee Judkins, Art Marcum, and Matt Holloway, history depends on the video game series of the same name developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Super-star Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as his mentor Victor Sullivan, with Sophia Ali, Tati Gabrielle, and Antonio Banderas in sub-roles. In this movie, Drake is recruited by Sullivan in a social fight against corrupt billionaire Santiago Moncada (Banderas) and mercenary leader Jo Braddock (Gabrielle) to locate the fabled treasure of the Magellan expedition.

Uncharted movie history

Sisters Sam and Nathan "Nate" Drake are caught by gallery security trying to steal the first chart made after the Magellan passage. The orphanage that homes both boys kicks Sam out. Before he leaves, Sam promises his return to Nate, and leaves him a ring with the necrology “ Sic Parvis Magna”. 

Fifteen times latterly, Nate works as a bartender in New York City and pickpockets fat patrons. Victor"Sully" Sullivan, a fortune huntsman who worked with Sam tracking treasure hidden by the Magellan crew, explains to Nate that Sam dissolved after helping him steal Juan Sebastian Elcano's journal. Nate, who entered several cards from Sam over the time, agrees to help Sully to find his family. Sully and Nathan go to a transaction to steal a golden cross-linked to the Magellan crew. There, the brace hassle Santiago Moncada, the last assignee of the Moncada family who funded Magellan's passage, and Jo Braddock, leader of mercenaries hired by Moncada. Nathan is ambuscaded by Braddock's men, and the preceding fight creates a distraction for Sully to steal the cross.

The brace trip to Barcelona, where the treasure is apparently hidden, and rendezvous with Sully's contact Chloe Frazer, who has another cross. Chloe steals the first cross from Nathan, but Nathan and Sully move her to work with them. Meanwhile, Moncada learns from his father Armando that the family fortune is about to be bestowed. Moncada orders Braddock to kill Armando so that he'll inherit the plutocrat rather. Nathan, Chloe, and Sully follow suggestions in Elcano's journal to Santa Maria del Pi, chancing a secret vault behind the balcony. Nathan and Chloe enter, chancing a trap door, but as they open it, the vault cataracts with water. Like a good object, Sully helps them escape after subduing an ambush by Braddock. Using the two crosses to unlock a secret passage, Nate and Chloe find a chart that indicates the treasure is in the Philippines. Chloe betrays Nate and takes the chart, intimating Sully is keeping a secret about Sam from him. Chloe brings the chart to Moncada, having also been hired by him, to Braddock's displeasure. 

Sully recovers Nate and says after he and Sam recovered Elcano's journal, they were ambuscaded by Braddock; Sam was shot and Sully hardly escaped. Moncada, Chloe, and Braddock's platoon depart in a weight airplane to find the treasure, but Braddock betrays and kills him, forcing Chloe into hiding with the chart. Nate and Sully intimately board the airplane and Nate confronts Braddock with Chloe's help while Sully parachutes out. Nate and Chloe are ejected from the airplane during the preceding battle and the brace land in the Philippines, where they realize the chart doesn't pinpoint the treasure. Nate discovers the treasure's true position through hints left by Sam's cards but leaves fake equals for Chloe after rightly guessing she'd betray him again. He discovers the Magellan's vessels and reunites with Sully. Braddock follows them, forcing Nathan and Sully to hide as her crew airlift the vessels. 

In their escape, Sully commandeers one of the copters, causing Braddock to order the other copter to approach for a boarding action. Nathan defends himself from her mercenaries and shoots down the other copter with one of the boat's cannons. Braddock drops that boat's anchor while Nathan climbs to the copter. Sully throws a bag of collected treasure at Braddock, who's crushed to death when the boat breaks and falls. As Philippine nonmilitary units arrive, Nathan and Sully get down with many pieces of pickpocketed treasure, while Chloe is left empty-handed. 

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