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Meet Dave is an American science fiction comedy movie directed by Brian Robbins and written by Bill Corbett and Rob Greenberg. It stars Eddie Murphy in the main role, Elizabeth Banks, Gabrielle Union, Ed Helms, Scott Caan, and Kevin Hart. The film was released on July 11, 2008.

Movie Plot

In his New York City apartment, a youthful boy named Josh Morrison (Austyn Lind Myers) gapes through his telescope at an object falling from the sky. It's a golf-ball-sized essence ball that flies through the window and lands in his fishbowl, snappily draining the water along with the goldfish. He decides to show it at his academy's wisdom class donation. 
Some months latterly, a massive dynamo crashes into the water near Liberty Island. It's revealed to be a spaceship that resembles a mortal (Eddie Murphy), controlled by 100 bitsy creatural aliens. Its captain ( also played by Murphy) aviators the spaceship from the command sundeck located in its head, with the help of his alternate-in-command Number 2 (Ed Helms), and experimenter Number 3 (Gabrielle Union). The spaceship looks veritably mortal and displays multitudinous superpowers, but the aliens do not know how to make the" boat" act like a mortal. A superstitious bobby named Dooley (Scott Caan) desperately quests for the alien. 

The aliens need to save their earth, Nil, from an energy extremity. They need a swab, which they plan to take by draining the Earth's abysses using the essence ball, so they've to recover the ball. After the spaceship is hit by Josh's single mama, Gina Morrison (Elizabeth Banks), while driving, the Captain decides to befriend Gina and Josh. He tells them his name is Dave Ming Chang, grounded on a quick checkup of common Earth names. At Gina's home, the crew sees their missing ball in a snap taken at the wisdom donation. After having breakfast with Gina, "Dave" goes to Josh's academy where he pretends to be a cover schoolteacher and ultimately is suitable to talk to Josh alone. Josh tells him that the ball was taken from him by a bully (Nicholas Berman). With Josh's help, Dave takes the essence ball back from the bully. 
The Captain (via Dave) spends some time with Josh and Gina and realizes that humans are more advanced than they were firstly allowed. The crew observes humans displaying passions and love, similar to witnessing Gina's oil or a homeless man offering to partake his mask with Dave when he sleeps in a doorway. The Captain decides to cancel the plan to drain the abysses because it would destroy life on Earth. The police track Dave down using the print of his face plant in the dirt at the crash point and they arrest him. After spending so important time on Earth, utmost of the crew begin to parade new" passions", espousing Earth's culture, erraticism, and general laid-back station. Number 2 decides that the Captain and the rest of the crew's changing geste are inferior and takes command of the" boat", locking the Captain. Under Number 2's command, Dave breaks out of the police station and another attempt is made to arrest him. Number 3, who has come infatuated with the Captain, becomes jealous of Gina. She first cooperates in the command change but latterly agrees with the Captain's view on humans. Both are caught by Number 2 and they're expelled from the spaceship. In the meantime, Number 17 (Kevin Hart), a youthful, delightful-loving alien, jumps out of the" boat" while drunk from the alcohol Dave has imbibed. The Captain apologizes to Number 3 for ignoring her. He admits that he too loves her and wants to be with her. Back at the police station, Dooley discovers Number 17 in his coffee and interrogates him to find out where Dave is going. 

Number 2 takes Dave to the harbor, where he tries to throw the essence sphere into the ocean, but is stopped by the Captain and Number 3, both of whom managed to gain reentry back onto the boat. They move the rest of the crew that the real Captain is in charge again. Reinstated, he orders Number 2 to be stuck in the boat's"butt" ever. The essence sphere meanwhile slips out of Dave's hand and rolls into the ocean. The Captain attempts to recoup the sphere but is told that they only have enough power to either recoup it or return home. The Captain decides to save the Earth and the rest of the crew agrees. The ball, thrown in the ocean by Number 2, is recaptured. Dave powers down while Dooley and his mate catch up and point their ordnance at him. With no power, Dave's securities are impaired, leaving the crew helpless. 
Josh tries to tell the police officers that Dave is inoffensive but is ignored. He also grabs Dooley's taser which he uses on Dave, recharging him. The Captain and Number 3 reveal themselves to the police officers who stand down. The Captain says farewell to Josh and Gina saying he now understands love. Number 17 is also returned to Dave by Dooley. About to fly down, a platoon from the FBI arrives and throws a net over Dave. While the FBI agents scuffle the body down, "Dave's" crew evacuates to one of the boat's"lifeboat" shoes, sparks the machines, detaches the shoe, and heads home to Nil, leaving behind both the boat and Number 2. While in the lifeboat, the Captain asks for Number 3's hand in marriage. She accepts and they kiss. 

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