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Mahaan movie download

Mahaan is an Indian Tamil-language action thriller movie written and directed by Karthik Subbaraj and produced by S.S. Lalit Kumar under the banner of the Seven Screen Studio. Released on 10 February 2022 on Amazon Prime Video. The superstars Vikram, Dhruv Vikram, Simran, and Bobby Simha while Sananth, Vettai Muthukumar, Deepak Paramesh, and Aadukalam Naren in sub-roles. The music of the cinema is composed by Santhosh Narayanan, with cinematography handled by Shreyas Krishna and editing done by Vivek Harshan sir.

Movie Plot

The film opens up in 1968 when Mohandoss is leading a rebellion against the product of liquor in the state of Tamil Nadu. On the other hand, youthful Gandhi Mahaan is playing alcoholic with his musketeers and in that game, he and his musketeers get into a fight causing all 3 of them to have scars on their faces. Mohandoss chancing out about Gandhi playing alcoholic and drinking alcohol he decides to educate him an assignment and he makes Gandhi covenant that he'll live like a Mahaan and that he'll lead the liquor ban movement when he's aged. 
The story also shifts to 1996, where a 40- time-old Gandhi is a commerce schoolteacher at the original government academy and has a woman, Nachi, and a son, Dada. Gandhi on his birthday goes to a tabernacle and he meets a beggar that says that Gandhi lives life like the 95 of people and that he'll noway live like the 5 that have no morals or principles in life. That same night Gandhi thinks about what the beggar told him about and Nachi tells him that she and her musketeers are going on a trip to Tirupati so she'll be gone the whole day. Gandhi uses this as an occasion to live life to the fullest and he goes to a bar to drink and bomb. Then he meets one of his old scholars, Rocky, and Rocky decides to help Gandhi live his dreams during that day. 

Gandhi is also taken to Rocky's father, Sathyavan, where Gandhi plays alcoholic and wins a lot of plutocrat. Sathya also is suitable to fete Gandhi as his nonage friend because of the scar on his face and both grasp. The coming morning, Gandhi goes back home to see Nachi and her family crying since Gandhi went missing. Nachi also deduces that Gandhi drank and leaves him taking Dada with her since Gandhi broke the rule of noway drinking. Gandhi goes to Nachi's house to get her back but he gets ousted. He also decides to go live with Sathya and Rocky and they all come up with dealing the liquor that Sathya's father made and naming the brand Soora. 

Time passes by and in 1998, Gandhi, Sathya, and Rocky are all rich from dealing the drink and they plan to start a syndicate where only their drink could be vended in the bars in Tamil Nadu. One of the members opposes and this leads to them getting attacked by them but Gandhi fights all of them out. This incident causes Sathya to come super religious and it causes Sathya to get paranoid and he suggests that they stop dealing liquor. Time passes by and in 2003 they're all super influential in society. Still, at the same time, Tamil Nadu announces that only approved liquor is allowed to be vented in bars and so with this development, they decide to visit one of the party members, Gnanam, who they also conclude that he's also one of their nonage musketeers and they agree to a deal that Soora can be vended in bars. 

The story also shifts to 2016, where the gang runs a liquor cabal in Tamil Nadu and also the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is trying to find substantiation to get all 3 in jail. At Rocky's marriage, Gnanam proposes a deal to Gandhi that he can let them produce the entire stock of the liquor in Tamil Nadu by killing off the collector and which they do killing him off. Gnanam also meets Sathya and Gandhi and he proposes that they produce all the lower quality liquor under different brands which Sathya acts grotesquely to it and Gandhi admits that they killed off the collector. 

With all of this, Gnanam decides to cancel the license of Soora as vengeance but in which they find out that Gnanam illicitly had a son with one of the women in his old colony and they use that to blackmail Gnanam into reinstating the license of Soora. Gandhi also goes to a jubilee in which one of his gang members, Michael, invites him to. In the middle of the jubilee, Dada enters and goes up to Gandhi dancing and reveals to him that he's his son. In this timeframe, Dada kills Michael and he tells Gandhi that he's a police officer that was appointed on a special charge to get relieved of the liquor cabal they've made. Dada still ensures Gandhi that he will not kill him but he'll kill everyone differently. 
Also, the story shows Dada's flashback on how he grew up with the topmost abomination towards his father and how he wants vengeance for the creation of the Soora brand and for consuming alcohol and he decides to come to a police officer to take down the cabal in the most legal way possible. It's also revealed that Gnanam wanted to appoint this platoon as vengeance on the entire group. Gandhi also visits Gnanam and tells him to stop this before it gets worse. Dada also takes Anthony and kills him also while on the phone with Rocky. Rocky maddened, tries to find out who killed Anthony and Michael, and then Gandhi is forced to reveal to Rocky that the officer that killed them both was his son and he can't do anything about it. Hearing this, Rocky decides to go to Dada with Gandhi to move him as an aged family but Dada as merciless as he is decides to kill Rocky but is heavily injured in the process by Gandhi.

Gandhi not being suitable to bear the death of Rocky decides not to tell Sathya about it. He also visits Nachi at her new home and they both attune and get Nachi to go and move Dada but Dada doesn't hear. She also moves into Gandhi's house and lives there but in an unforeseen turn of events, Dada is abducted by Gnanam because Gnanam finds out that Dada is Gandhi's son and that he'll only release Dada if Gandhi kills Sathya. 
Gandhi also goes to Sathya where Sathya has a videotape of Dada killing Rocky and he sees that Gandhi is also present in the videotape. Gandhi tries to explain to Sathya that Dada is his son and they only went because Rocky claimed that he try to talk it out with Dada but in the end, Rocky ends up dying. An enraged Sathya doesn't hear and he rather tries to get his men to kill Gandhi but Gandhi ends up killing them all and kills Sathya in the process also. 

Gandhi also goes off to a remote position and burns the auto that he and Sathya first bought together. Dada also comes and picks up Gandhi saying that he was suitable to escape from Gnanam. He also says that it was his entire idea and that he wanted Gandhi to kill Sathya so he transferred the videotape footage to him. Gandhi maddened, cuts Dada and Nachi to which Dada reacts grotesquely to the reflections. Gandhi also makes a plan and says that Nachi was also abducted by Gnanam and gets Dada to go visit Gnanam and to kill him off. During this, he finds out that Nachi wasn't abducted and that she's given a Bhang ball by Manikkam to put her into a deep sleep. 

Dada also visits Gnanam and kills him while on the phone with Gandhi. Gandhi also reveals that he has destroyed all the liquor in his house and that he inked all of his wealth to an NGO that helps people recover from dependence and that he shut down all the manufactories. Still, Gandhi also tells Dada that Nachi was noway abducted but that he used this occasion to get Dada arrested and to educate Dada an assignment that everything in life has to be balanced and that there shouldn't be a minimum of one thing and that with this conclusion he's officially a Mahaan. 


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