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Khiladi a south Indian Hindi dubbed action drama movie written and directed by Ramesh Varma who co-produced it with Satyanarayana Koneru under A Studios. The superstars Ravi Teja alongside Arjun Sarja, Unni Mukundan, Meenakshi Chaudhary, and Dimple Hayathi. Initially scheduled to be released on 28 May 2021, it was indefinitely postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the World. The soundtrack and score of the movie are composed by Devi Sri Prasad. The movie was released on 11 February 2022

Movie plot

Mafia slip Bala Singham sends a vessel of crores to India to buy the MLAs to make his minister father, Guru Singham the coming CM. A criminologist, Pooja, comes to know about a man named Mohan Gandhi as a part of her exploration who was condemned of killing his whole family except for his son. She meets him in the jail but he refuses to talk to her. While seeing his and his son's bond she promises to help him if he'll recite his story and help him get bail. After that Gandhi tells his history. 
Gandhi was an orphan and was raised by a successful businessman, Rajashekhar. Gandhi was the general director of his company. One day a new girl, Chitra, also their new hand, came to live in the society where Gandhi lived and was his coming door neighbor. Gandhi incontinently falls in love with his neighbor, Chitra. Unknown to him, Chitra also had fallen in love with him. After some funny hassles, they get wedded and have a son. Meanwhile, CBI officer Arjun apprehensions Rajashekhar is a plutocrat laundering case linked with that crores. Practitioner Singham orders Gandhi to find the plutocrat for him and threatens to kill Rajashekhar's family if he fails to do so. Gandhi confronts Rajashekhar and learns that Rajashekhar did this to return the favor to the Home Minister who helped him during his indigent days. 

Another gang headed by David orders him to partake the information with them and hang to kill his family if he fails to do so as his henchmen are masquerading in the house as his cousins. Gandhi intimately meets Rajasekhar and decodes the position of the plutocrat. After attesting the same, Gandhi first informs it to the Home Minister and also to David. The Home Minister orders to kill Rajashekhar inside the guardianship and transports the plutocrat. David Rob's the plutocrat and replaces the plutocrat with fake currency interior and burns down the vessel to wipe out all the substantiation. Arjun finds one currency note and identifies it as fake after forensic analysis. David, who was constantly instructed over the phone via an unknown person, he and his henchmen kill Gandhi's family but he takes all the blame upon himself so that his son can be spared.

After harkening to his story, Pooja arranges a bail using her father's name, DGP Jayaram, for him so that he can perform final solemnities to his father-in-law. After chancing this, Arjun and Jayaram, try to stop him but Gandhi escapes. Pooja to her shock finds that Gandhi's apparently dead family members are alive and are a part of his crew. 
It's also revealed that Gandhi is a Dubai grounded wanted felonious and he's a conman whose sole end is a plutocrat. Arjun was transferred to nab him red-handed in Dubai. One day Gandhi came to know about the 10000 crores and planned to burglarize it. He took Aditi on board, a club cotillion whom Bala Singham was intending to hook up with. With the help of his gang and Aditi, Bala Singham's mobile was addressed where the position of the plutocrat was stored. Gandhi reached there and fought against his men and was about to get the plutocrat when he was nabbed by Arjun, but he was shot. 

Arjun gave the information back in India and was posted to the CBI. One day Gandhi came to him and surrendered himself and also took the blame for numerous crimes he had not done and was given 30 times rigorous imprisonment. In the jail, he befriended Ramakrishna and it was his story that Gandhi narrates to Pooja and used her to get himself released from jail. He also planned to forge the documents so that Pooja would believe what he was telling is true. Arjun deduced a plan where they can catch David and Gandhi. Outside the court, a shootout occurred and David was captured by Gandhi while Ramakrishna was captured by Singham's men. While brazened, a poorly hotted David said he did all of this on the instructions of an unknown person who was revealed to be Jayaram. 

Pooja did not believe this but she plants out about the plutocrat and told Gandhi that his father has all the cash converted into cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, Singham was about to kill Ramakrishna after he correctly denied having any knowledge of the plutocrat, but in the nick of time Pooja called Singham and made a deal to tell him the position and he let Ramakrishna go. During a shootout, Aditi betrayed Gandhi and shot him for plutocrat. While rehabilitated Pooja came to know that Gandhi was after the plutocrat to make a charitable sanitarium for all indigent peoples. Pooja then said that she prevaricated to them and his father had all the plutocrat in hard cash. 

Singham and his men came to the position and killed Jayaram's men, but Gandhi arrived there and killed Singham's henchmen and was about to take the plutocrat each on but suddenly he has a change of heart. He freed Ramakrishna and he eventually met his son. After a final showdown with Arjun, Arjun seeing Gandhi now a changed man, let him go free. In the final twist, Guru Singham was stripped of his minister post as the plutocrat he used to buy the MLAs, was fake. It's revealed that Gandhi had possession of the real plutocrat all along and he wisecracked Singham and everyone, while Arjun vows to nab him again. 

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