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Gotro Bangla movie

Gotro is an Indian Bengali drama film, directed and produced by two-person Nandita Roy and Shiboprosad Mukherjee. The movie plot was inspired by the life story of Director Shiboproshad Mukherjee's mother, which the duo (Nandita Roy and Shiboproshad Mukherjee) portrayed on screen. The movie was released on 23 August 2019 with the cast which included Anashua Majumdar, Nigel Akkara, Ambarish Bhattacharya, Saheb Chatterjee, Manali Dey, and Badshah Moitra.

Movie plot 

Gotro is a story of faith, love, and belief, revolving around Mukti Debi (played by Anashua Majumdar), an educated woman, who lives in an old-world manse named Gobinda Dham while her son, Anirban (played by Saheb Chatterjee), is settled abroad with his family. Tareq Ali (played by Nigel Akkara) is a former con who's now trying to redeem himself and renew his life. 

He's employed by Anirban as the caretaker of his mama and her estate. What follows is a tale of how a mama-son relationship begins to make between Mukti Debi and Tareq, while the former is ignorant of his Muslim identity, depicting the underpinning social issue of the era. Mukti Debi and Tareq discover the meaning of life as they unfold love for each other, and she started loving her as her own son. Gotro is a sweet take on the mama–son relationship, with communication of strong collaborative harmony. 

Movie review 

The verity about Kolkata turning into an unsafe megacity is important to talk about. But the scary part is the senior couples facing constant trouble to their safety that makes captions every day. Gotro begins with such a story, but with further humor invested than the grim reality of the situation demands. Right from the first frame, it takes you through laughs and some further laughs till you start to appreciate the treatment. Fifteen twinkles into the film, and later you also notice a striking similarity with Sonar Pahar last time’s release on the same subject.
All the while, Gotro remains true to its kidney drama. There are clumps of it and in equal measures on both sides of the interval. You'll enjoy the proceedings on screen so much that you'll be forced to leave behind the factual concern at home. The film also touches upon the need for spreading the communication of collaborative harmony and accepting all persuasions. The business of promoting structures is also bandied. There's a nice harangue by Anashua that retraces all the Janmashthami fests across the country.
The good humor in the first half, which revolves around Anashua, Nigel, and Manali, is more laughable than the scenes where the stealers plan and compass against the senior woman. There are some heart-warming scenes between Anashua and Nigel. While Anashua is brilliant when emoting in every scene, Nigel appears more rigid than his character, Tareq Ali. Nigel’s lack of expression aids him in the corridor, where he tries to look satisfying as Tareq with a haunted history. But at other times it looks like a guise to play the areas where he lacks. Manali plays the game with some character, Jhuma, with ease. But her character could have done better without the constant prankishness.

The issue, anguishing all senior and lonely people in the megacity, is given a light-hearted spin, and it does well for the film. There was neither getting into the nitty-gritty of the reason behind similar lack of security nor spooking people more with bloody data. There was not any trying to find a result. But some comedy around stealer/ original mugs and the house proprietor are far-brought. Latterly, when this connection is linked to an overseas cabal and yet humor and fun prevail throughout the script, there's a hassle between establishing the soberness of the issue and dealing with it smoothly.
Humor that starts on a hilarious note becomes frivolous latterly, especially in the council scene and the scene where a pincher pretends to have come for donation. The alternate half is a little stretched. 
The film talks about a common issue anguishing the senior in the megacity and gives a cinematic result replete with drama, emotion, and fun. But it doesn't offer a real result. 

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