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Bangarraju is an Indian Telugu-language supernatural drama movie. Released in January 2022. directed by Kalyan Krishna Kurasala and Produced by Annapurna Studios with Zee Studios, This film serves as a sequel to the film Soggade Chinni Nayana, released in 2016.

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When Bangarraju is returning back to Narakam, he's told that he has been shifted to Svargam due to the good deeds that he has done during his time back on earth. After many months, Ramu and Seetha both have a child but Seetha dies after bearing the child. Sathyabhama and Ramu decide to take care of the child and name him Bangarraju and contemporaneously Ramu's kinsman, Ramesh, also names their child Naga Lakshmi and they decide that they will get them both married in the future. Still, due to Ramu's heavy work schedule, he decides to leave his child with Satyabhama. As Chinna Bangarraju is growing up, he shares a lot of the same rates that his forefather had while also having conflicts with Naga Lakshmi. In one similar case where Chinna Bangarraju is planted with a girl, Satyabhama sees this and has a heart attack due to which she dies. She also finds Bangarraju's soul in Svarga flirting with the other ladies and Bangarraju is shocked to see her die this early. 
They also see Chinna Bangarraju all grown up and they see that he has come to the same man that his forefather was and at the same time Naga Lakshmi is trying to come to the vill Sarpanch after her father. With Chinna Bangarraju and Naga Lakshmi constantly fighting both Bangarraju and Satyabhama ask authorization from Yama and Indra to go back to earth to break their problems and to get them wedded. Meanwhile, Ramesh falls down in a problem about the lands of a friend and Chinna Bangarraju also helps Ramesh and he fights off a ruthless man like Devil. The villain comes back and tries to kill Chinna Bangarraju at a pooja in the tabernacle and due to this Naga Lakshmi reacts violently and slaps Bangarraju. It's also planted out that Chinna Bangarraju's kinsman, Aadi, has been planning to get Chinna Bangarraju killed because they know that Chinna Bangarraju's family has been guarding a tabernacle which has rare monuments at the bottom of it and in order to get the monuments they need to kill the family.

Meanwhile, Bangarraju tries to take Naga Lakshmi to like Chinna Bangarraju which the women do. In a turn of events, it's revealed that Aadi's father, Sampath, was still alive and that he has been also seeking vengeance against the family for killing his father and forefather. At this time, Bangarraju successfully gets Chinna Bangarraju and Naga Lakshmi to love each other. Sampath on the other hand knows that Bangarraju's soul is the one that killed his father and forefather and that the soul is back now also for Chinna Bangarraju and tells Aadi about it. With this, Sampath plans to get a ring that will be placed on Chinna Bangarraju's hand during his engagement that will stop Bangarraju's soul from entering his own body this is a movie don't take seriously. It's also planted out that Ramesh was also in on this plan each on and that he also wants Chinna Bangarraju to be killed for the monuments and for the implicit marriage to his son. Knowing all of this, Bangarraju and Satyabhama try colorful ways to stop Chinna Bangarraju from being killed but he eventually ends up being abducted by Aadi and is brought to Sampath and Ramesh to be killed. When Chinna Bangarraju is on the verge of being killed, the godly snake from the before film falls on Ramu's auto, and Bangarraju seeing this jumps into Ramu's body to fight Sampath, Ramesh, and Aadi. Chinna Bangarraju regains knowledge and the ring is removed from his hand allowing Bangarraju to also enter his body. 

After both Chinna Bangarraju and Ramu kill Sampath and Aadi, they plan to kill Ramesh also but stop due to them seeing Naga Lakshmi and they decide not to tell her the verity. Chinna Bangarraju and Naga Lakshmi both get wedded and at a pooja after, Yama and Indra put a hedge which allows Chinna Bangarraju and Ramu to see and touch Bangarraju and Satyabhama. Chinna Bangarraju sees Satyabhama and addresses how he lived with sadness after her death and he begs her not to leave him again. Meanwhile, Mr. Ramu tells that him seeing Bangarraju for the first time in life gives him a sense of braveness to which Bangarraju replies saying that Ramu needs to be a better father to Chinna Bangarraju and that he shouldn't neglect his son due to Ramu constantly fastening on his work. Both Bangarraju and Satyabhama's souls are also joined with Shiva since their air was completed. 

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