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War Hindi Movie

War is an Indian Hindi-language action thriller film released in 2019 directed by Siddharth Anand and produced by Aditya Chopra under his banner Yash Raj Films. The film stars Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff play the lead roles while Vaani Kapoor, Ashutosh Rana, Anupriya Goenka, and Soni Razdan in supporting roles. It is the third set up in the YRF Spy Universe. Firstly the film titled was Fighters before the name was changed to War when the official teaser trailer for the film was released on 15 July 2019.  The film follows an Indian soldier assigned to eliminate his former mentor who has gone rogue too much.

The plot of the war movie

A mysterious gun is communicated by an aged secret agent, V.K. Naidu, grounded in New Delhi to kill a target, Farid Haqqani, from a distance. Still, the gun rather shoots Naidu and escapes. He's revealed to be former RAW agent Kabir Dhaliwal, considered one of the agency's stylish who has now gone guileful. 
Shortly later, Kabir's former master and RAW joint clerk, Colonel Sunil Luthra, relays Kabir's treason to Defence Minister Sherna Patel, who calls for the agency to summon Khalid Rahmani, another RAW agent who was preliminarily guided by Kabir and is in full admiration of the former tutor. Khalid is now assigned to exclude Kabir and accepts the charge in order to cover the country's safety and to learn the factual reason why Kabir has gone guileful. A flashback shows Khalid's preface to Kabir, who questions Sunil about Khalid's fidelity to the nation arguing that Khalid's father was a snake to both the nation and to Kabir himself when he shot him. Khalid, who regards Kabir as his major alleviation, insists that he'll serve his country, no matter what, and recapture his family's honor. 

After a successful charge in Tikrit, Iraq, Kabir takes Khalid to regard after noticing that he has an eyeless spot in his right supplemental vision while aiming an armament and orders him to leave his platoon for others' safety. Khalid explains that his father's character led to himself being injured in the right eye by academy bullies when he was youthful and caused him the impairment. Kabir, still, accepts Khalid after seeing the love he expresses for his mama Nafeesa, his country, and seeing how he has proven his worth. Kabir inducts Khalid into his special forces platoon which consists of fellow field agents Saurabh, Prateek, Muthu, and Aditi. Kabir plans his coming charge which is targeted at felonious architect and terrorist businessman leader, Rizwan Illiyasi. The platoon prisoner Illiyasi, but he reveals to Kabir that there's an operative in his platoon who's completely pious to his terrorist cause. 
Killing Prateek and Muthu, Saurabh reveals himself as the operative; dazed by rapacity, he'd accepted Illiyasi's offer of nearly$ 100 million to betray his country. An enraged Khalid chases after Saurabh, leaving Kabir to deal with Illiyasi alone. Kabir, who nearly succeeds in retrieving Illiyasi, is shot unconscious by Illiyasi's men. He wakes up in a sanitarium a week latterly only to find an oppressively injured Khalid, also recovering, who tells Kabir that he has killed Saurabh. 

In the present, Khalid is nearly taken off the charge when an army officer, Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy Shroff, is boggled by Kabir. Khalid manages to find Kabir and learns that his coming target is Dr. Utpal Biswas. Kabir is seen doting on a youthful girl named Ruhi. Kabir remembers about Ruhi's single mama, Naina Verma, with whom he'd started his relationship in order to make her a mercenary asset. A flashback shows how Kabir started his relationship with Naina. Latterly, on learning the verity, she becomes mistrustful and reluctant to help Kabir but agrees for her son's sake. She's transferred to an asset on Illiyasi's associate, Firoze Contractor. Kabir, who has been in touch with Aditi, learns from her that among Illiyasi's numerous connections is a plastic surgeon, Dr. Mallika Singhal. Realizing that Firoze is actually Illiyasi, Kabir rushes to Naina's aid but is too late to save her life. Illiyasi formerly again escapes after throwing Naina down from his flying copter, leaving Kabir shattered. 
In the present, Khalid is unfit to help Biswas from being killed by Kabir. Rankled, he gives chase to Kabir, who escapes again. After Khalid tries to move Sunil to give him one final chance, he's fired on a mistrustfulness that he might have joined Kabir intimately. Khalid traces Kabir through Ruhi and finds out that Kabir is actually targeting associates of Illiyasi, appertained to as"Rook" (Naidu),"Knight" (Shroff), "Bishop" (Biswas), and an unknown"Pawn", and is on an undercover charge to recover a drive with a secret law that Illiyasi needs. Meanwhile, at Kabir's den, both of them are attacked. They fight off the bushwhackers and make it to Aditi's marriage in Kerala, whereupon they recover the drive with the secret law that Illiyasi needs. Still, after Kabir hands over the drive to him, Khalid venoms him with TTX while participating in a drink with Kabir on his boat. 

A flashback to the chase between Khalid and Saurabh reveals Khalid being shot dead by Illiyasi, following which Saurabh undergoes plastic surgery to disguise himself as Khalid, just like how Illiyasi had converted into Firoze Contractor. On the boat, Saurabh reveals himself as the"Pawn" as he throws a poisoned and helpless Kabir into the swash. 
Saurabh returns to Illiyasi, who bases himself on a heavily fortified icebreaker boat. Kabir, who was assumed dead by Saurabh, parachutes aboard, single-handedly assaults the boat and eliminates Illiyasi's army. He also confronts Saurabh, revealing that he'd known that the ultimate wasn't Khalid, having seen him aim and shoot impeccably with his right side in a way which Khalid could not due to his disabled vision, and also for his choice to drink alcohol, which was considered interdicted by Khalid due to his religious beliefs. Hence, he'd also acquired the cure for the bane in his drink and put Aditi to catch on him. Deciding Illiyasi has come expendable, Saurabh shoots him dead in the battle and escapes. Kabir gives chase to Saurabh and overpowers him. After a violent and bloody fight in a derelict church, the church's pate collapses on Saurabh, crushing his face and killing him. 

The intelligence agency honors Khalid posthumously for his immolation as he laid down his life in order to save his nation and platoon with his mama Nafeesa entering an award from the Prime Minister on behalf. Kabir, who's still believed by the agency to be a snake, spends time with Ruhi and feels proud of seeing Khalid and his mama getting the respect they actually merited and continues with his coming undercover charge after a brief discussion with Sunil, therefore intimating at an effect. 

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