Neymar The Perfect Chaos The Comeback

Neymar A Brazilian Footballer

The Comeback

Neymar was born in Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo, to Neymar Santos Sr. And Nadine da Silva. He inherited his name from his father, who's a former footballer, and came to his son's counsel as Neymar's bents began to grow. Neymar commentary on his father's part"My father has been by my side since I was little. He takes care of effects, my finances, and my family. Growing up, Neymar combined his love of futsal with road football. Neymar said that futsal had a massive influence on him growing up, helping him develop his fashion, speed of study, and capability to perform moves in tight spaces. 
In 2003, Neymar moved with his family to São Vicente, where he began playing for youth side Portuguese Santista Also, latterly in 2003, they moved to Santos, where Neymar joined Santos FC. (19) With the success of his youth career and added income, the family bought their first property, a house next to Vila Bemire, Santos' home Colosseum. Their quality of family life bettered, as at age 15, Neymar was earning reais per month and at 16, reais per month. At 17, he inked his first full professional contract, was upgraded to the Santos first platoon, and began subscribing to his first backing deals.

Neymar began playing football at an early age, and he was soon spotted by Santos FC who offered him a contract in 2003, where he was instated into their youth academy, which has, in history, produced Brazilian internationals like Coutinho, Clodoaldo, Diego, Elano, and Alex. He also joined the likes of Pepe, Pelé, and Robinho in starting out his career at the club, nicknamed Peixe. While in the youth academy, Neymar met Paulo Henrique Ganso, getting good musketeers in the process. Progressed to 14, Neymar traveled to Spain for pass outs with the Real Madrid youth platoon, at the time when Real had stars like Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham, Roberto Carlos, and Robinho. He didn't stay in Madrid, still, as his father decided at the time that he preferred the youthful sensation to keep growing up while playing at Santos.

Neymar's career and celebrity soar in Barcelona, but a move to Paris, World Cup pressure, and a shocking allegation fuel further scrutiny of the player.

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