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Dahan is a Bangladeshi Bengali socio-political drama movie, released in 2019, written by Raihan Rafi. He also directed this film. And produced by Abdul Aziz. It is distributed by Bangladeshi film production Jaaz Multimedia. Starring superstar Siam Ahmed, Puja Cherry, Zakia Bari Momo, and Fazlur Rahman Babu in the lead roles. Dahan has made based on a true incident of metro city Dhaka. Music Directed By Rizvi Hasan.

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At the point when I saw Raihan Rafi's film Poramon 2, I was blown away and couldn't say enough regarding it. It was genuinely mystical and a genuine artistic show-stopper. I needed more, I simply adored the science and force of the 2 stars. Siam Ahmed And Puja Cherry.

Presently I had the honor to see their new hit with Raihan Rafi again Directing and composing and featuring Siam and Puja in "Dohon"! One more very much told and all-around acted film from maker Abdul Aziz creation organization, Jaaz Multimedia. Also, it knocks it out of the park once more.

This one follows a similar speed of Poramon 2 with a destined romantic tale with brutality and disorder in the background.

Raihan Rafi's Dohon this time raises a couple of political and social issues. He is a striking producer and shows life the manner in which it is and through that assists us with seeing a greater amount of what happening past the film.

Siam plays a youthful medication fanatic, and Puja plays a piece of clothing specialist. Zakiya Bari Mamo plays a columnist.

At the point when perused up with regards to this film the two leads Siam and Puja went all out for their jobs. He wears clothes and truly felt the part and Puja hung out at articles of clothing production lines to get the vibe of things.

Well, it paid off cause their exhibitions are so persuading you now and then feel you're watching a narrative regarding the existence of these 2 Characters.

Siam runs with a harsh group and plays the person Tula. He invests his energy in causing problems and managing each day life in his area of town while competing for Puja's heart.

One entertaining part has the law pursuing him and he arrives up in his lady friend's home. The mother disposes of the police by disgracing them when they need to assess her little girl's shower. Siam is a hood and terrible news yet his adoration is solid for Puja.

While their adoration is solid it is put to a test with his untamed lifestyle. She adores him however not what his identity is. Siam plays Tula exceptionally persuading and is altogether different from the person he played in Poramon 2. The crude power he shows truly shows the scope of this youthful entertainer and shows he is nobody hit wonder and has a solid future in acting!

Alongside the cherishing and understanding of Puja, you truly feel for her. She is from such humble beginnings his affection and devotion to her visually impaired her of what he truly is and his environmental factors.

Similarly, as with Poramon 2, all things considered, unforeseen groundbreaking things happen yet will their adoration be sufficient, or will misfortune split them up until the end of time.

While this film is from Bangladesh it plays and interprets well and had me attracted Immediately. This film plays well on the two sides of the world and will satisfy all that like a great film.

I have been presented by my 2 companions Asif Akbar and Abdul Aziz to these fine movies and truly like them waking up and expanding my film tastes.

Dohan is out now and assuming you get an opportunity to investigate. You have Romance, activity and even dance numbers. An inside and extraordinary film! I just an expectation for additional from this incredible gathering of producers!

As a side note: An extremely dubious tune since a portion of the verses is a feature and in unadulterated Raihan Rafi with his staple ostentatious tune Hajir biriyani alongside a dance number that fits so well!


Bangladesh Film industry doing well day by day keep it up. And Huge Thanks To Jazz Multimedia.

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