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Bheeshma is an Indian Telugu-language romantic comedy movie written by Venky Kudumula and directed too. Super-stars Nithiin and Rashmika Mandanna play main role and Anant Nag, Jisshu Sengupta, Vennela Kishore, and Sampath Raj play supoorting roles. The cinema is produced by Suryadevara Nagavamsi under Sithara Entertainments film production. The music of this movie is composed by Mahati Swara Sagar. Released on February 2020.

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Bheeshma is the CEO of Bheeshma Organics and he wants growers to shift from using chemicals in husbandry to organic practices and he gets them successfully to shift. He also announces to the media that he'll advertise the coming CEO on the company's 50th anniversary. 


Also it shifts to Bheeshma Prasad is a single man who seeks to find love always. He attends his friend Parimal's master'spre-wedding party where he sees Sarah. He introduces himself as BheeshmaI.A.S. (I'm Single) and he gets her to elope with her. She also realizes that he doesn't have plutocrat and she gets him wedged with the police which gets Parimal fired. His uncle, JP, has to bail him out by calling his classmate ACP Deva. Deva asks JP to bring Bheeshma to him to educate him a assignment as he believes Bheeshma is a" clunker"since he lives his life as a meme creator. JP also tells Bheeshma's father, Anand Prasad, that Bheeshma is serving a discipline with Deva and the flashback is that Anand and Deva were classmates and Bheeshma touched his son when they were little causing a split between both of them. Bheeshma starts off by drawing and serving tea to the officers. One day, Bheeshma is driving and after he drops off Deva, on the way back he sees that Chaitra needs backing as her vehicle got into a crash. He introduces to her as ACP Bheeshma as he's in a bobby auto and she introduces herself as an hand of Bheeshma Organics. He decides to go with her and he ends up learning about organic husbandry. 

Also the CEO of Field Science, Raghavan, introduces a product called Instant which produces a six-month yield in four months by the use of chemicals and tries to impact some of Bheeshma's growers by setting up a live commerce with Bheeshma. 

After a many ridiculous twists and turns, Bheeshma finds out that she's the son of Deva. Deva soon develops a good opinion about Bheeshma but Chaitra doesn't like him. Bheeshma works for Deva as a motorist and takes Chaitra to places where she wants to go. Chaitra and Bheeshma go to the commerce and he finds his friend Parimal there and that he works for Field Science. Bheeshma talks about how great organic husbandry is during the commerce and wins over Chaitra. Suddenly, Deva's bobby sends a picture of them hugging and Deva is angry. He goes to Bheeshma's house and is shocked to see Anand as his father. He takes out his gun and decides to shoot Bheeshma saying he's a clunker when Anand reveals that Bheeshma is the grandson of Sr. Bheeshma and he's the coming CEO of Bheeshma Organics. Deva and Bheeshma are shocked and the media learns about this. 

When Bheeshma is ready to leave to take care of his forefather, it's revealed that Anand prevaricated to Deva to try to keep his son alive. Bheeshma is shocked and in the meanwhile, Chaitra calls him saying that her father wants her to marry him since he's the grandson of Sr. Bheeshma and says that he's a fabricator and that he manipulated her and how she knows that he's not Bheeshma's grandson.

Bheeshma decides to tell Deva the verity but to his surprise Sr. Bheeshma announces him as an functional CEO of the company for 30 days. Bheeshma is shocked by this decision and Chaitra despises him indeed more. He also plant out that Parimal lost his job at Field Science due to Raghavan literacy that Parimal is Bheeshma's friend and he joins as a motorist for Bheeshma. Bheeshma is also shown around the office and he snappily wins over the workers. He also saves a vill from subscribing from Field Science rankling Raghavan which also rewins the love Chaitra. Raghavan decides to make sure Bheeshma isn't the coming CEO by giving a toxic mongrel factory to Sr. Bheeshma which also hospitalizes him and to come India's No 1 agrarian company and also plants chemically made shops in Bheeshma's storehouse to further make the company lose character with a police raid. Raghavan invites Agricultural Minister, Ajay Varma, to launch Instant to the world but to his surprise, Ajay says that the product is made of dangerous chemicals and cancels the license of Field Science which confines Raghavan to bed. He soon finds out that Sr. 

Bheeshma is alive and he was only rehabilitated due to a high fever. He also learns that Bheeshma plant Sarah and Ajay in a hostel room and says that he has a pen camera and button cameras which forces Ajay to give a speech about how the chemicals are bad and how the police plant out about him planting the shops. Bheeshma is also appointed the full- time CEO of Bheeshma Organics and Chaitra and Bheeshma marry and he says he's" Single for no way" rather of" Single ever".


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