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Airlift hindi movie download

Airlift is an Indian Hindi movie released in 2016 directed by Raja Krishna Menon starring Akshay and Nimrat Kaur, that follows Ranjit Katyal (played by Kumar), a businessman who depends on Kuwait as he carries out the evacuation of Indians based in Kuwait during the Invasion of Kuwait by great Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

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In 1990, Indian émigré Ranjit Katyal (Akshay Kumar) is a successful Kuwait- grounded businessman who's veritably well- connected with officers in Kuwait City and Baghdad, and makes a happy home with his woman Amrita (Nimrat Kaur) and their son Simu. He calls himself a Kuwaiti and is frequently pathetic towards Indians. 
After a night of partying, Ranjit is woken up to a phone call from his friend and receives word that accommodations between Iraq and Kuwait have collapsed, and Iraqi colors have begun their irruption of Kuwait. The coming morning, Ranjit discovers that Kuwait City is now enthralled by the Iraqi Army. Ranjit and Nair, his motorist, go out and drive to the Indian delegacy in an attempt to take their family and leave Kuwait. They're stopped by Iraqi dogfaces at a checkpoint and Nair is shot dead amidst the confusion. A shocked Ranjit is also taken to the Emir's palace. There he meets Iraqi Republican Guard officer Major Khalaf bin Zayd (Inaamulhaq), who reveals that he was the one who pulled up to the checkpoint before and averted Ranjit from being harmed. Major Khalaf, who knows Ranjit from Ranjit's visits to Iraq, chides him but extends his particular fellowship, icing Ranjit and his family's safety from the dogfaces.

From there, Ranjit goes to the Indian delegacy where he learns that the Kuwaiti government has fled into exile. Some Indians in Kuwait are now stranded as deportees. Iraqi forces continue to push through Kuwait and Ranjit's manse is raided by Iraqi dogfaces, but his woman and child manage to escape to his office. Ranjit convinces his musketeers to work together, and they set up a new camp for some 500 Indians with Major Khalaf's authorization. Amrita urges Ranjit to use his influence to liberate his own family, but Ranjit, who naturally would have just looked out for himself, appears to have a change of heart. He decides to stay and help the other Indians leave Kuwait. 
 Ranjit learns that the Indian delegacy in Kuwait has been vacated and phones the Indian External Affairs Ministry in New Delhi, where he reaches the Joint Secretary, Sanjiv Kohli (Kumud Mishra), and asks for arrangements to create for the evacuation. Latterly on, the camp is pillaged by Iraqi dogfaces and wearied some of the deportees. Ranjit pays a visit to Major Khalaf and addresses to him about this, to which the Major simply extends his justifications, and also reveals that President Saddam has formerly permitted Indians to leave Kuwait, but the problem is that they've no way to do so. Ranjit travels to Baghdad to try to negotiate safe passage out of Kuwait, but to no mileage. 

The only remaining option, Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz, turns out to be helpful. He discloses that an Indian trafficker boat is due to arrive in Iraq with colorful inventories, and permits the Indian deportees to leave on the boat. Still, Ranjit latterly receives news of the UN prescription and that vessels are barred from entering or leaving Iraq, effectively crushing their expedients of getting out.

Meanwhile, Kohli is kindly a deadbeat, but when his father (Arun Bali) recounts their tale of woe during the partition of India, Kohli is inspired to laboriously help Ranjit. He approaches the public airline, Air India, to lead an evacuation of the Indians in Kuwait and gets the Indian delegacy in Amman, Jordan to issue permits. As the Indians leave Kuwait, Ranjit comes across yet another checkpoint where he encounters hostile Iraqi dogfaces who, in absence of any passports or IDs, hang to kill Amrita. A skirmish erupts between Ranjit and the dogfaces, following which the people in Ranjit's convoy come forward and outnumber the Iraqi dogfaces. Ranjit lets them live and then the convoy passes.

They arrive in Jordan where airplanes from Air India and Indian Airlines would fly the deportees back to India. The Indians laud Ranjit as they board the airplanes that will take them home. Ranjit still begins to feel shamefaced over his station towards Indians as he sees the Indian Tricolour. The film ends with Ranjit indicating that he always believed India noway did anything for its citizens, but after being saved by the country he and a lot of all Indians had disowned, he may not ever say more that in the future.

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